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Crew of the USS Veritas


Lieutenant Tiria Hamasaki
"That though prudence, intrepidity, and perseverance united are not exempted from the blows of adverse fortune, yet in a long series of transactions they usually rise superior to its power, and in the end rarely fail of proving successful."
— Admiral of the Fleet George Anson, 1st Baron Anson, PC, FRS

Lieutenant Tiria Hamasaki is stationed aboard the USS Veritas as the Helm officer.


  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 161cm (5' 3")
  • Build: Normal

Tiria is a short woman, with black hair to her shoulders and green eyes - although her face bears all the hallmarks of someone from the Japanese nation of Earth. A quiet woman, Tiria can often be found reading or doing some exercises off shift - she's often said it helped her think through problems.

Personality wise, she's developed a wry sense of humor and often is far more practically minded than elsewise, a product of growing up on Havley's Hope. Part of her is glad she gets to explore, although so far it's been home, and a remote sector of the Federation. With the assignment of the USS Astraeus to explore the Eagle Nebula, she is finally happy to get to explore again.


Born on 2366610.04 on Havley's Hope to her father, Minaki Hamasaki, a colonial botanist, and Amelia Hamasaki, an administrator with the colony, Tiria had a fairly normal childhood, if biased towards the type of learning useful on remote worlds. Her older sister, who was much more physically based was one of her closest friends.

As she became an adult, her sister, fed up with the very quiet and limited life the colony provided and left for other parts. While the Shoals had flourished during the Dominion War, it was still a remote region of the Federation. When her sister left to see the wider galaxy, she never mentioned that she worked for than a security consultant and traveled regularly. With the frequent contact, Tiria picked up the urge to see the wider galaxy. The Shoals were not precisely an area one wanted to explore, and while her parents tried to argue her out of it, she was determined to see the galaxy.

Granted, they did talk her out of Starfleet, as her parents had a distrust of them and most Federation-wide organizations. Still, they supported her choice to join Federation Security as it was a relatively more safe vocation, would let her travel, but was law-enforcement. Her parents were also secretly convinced that she would quit and maybe join the Colonial Coalition Marshals.

Tiria joined Federation Security on 238704.01 and enjoyed her job, but found rapidly that she didn't get to see all that much, even assigned to one of the roving teams that were used in some remote sectors of the Federation. That said.. it only took her a pair of year to realize this wasn't the job for her, as much as she worked diligently to perform her duty. While she enjoyed her job, the death of her fiancee in early 2391 in a siege drove her away from Starfleet Security, and she joined Starfleet Academy in late 2391.

While she was older than a lot of the other cadets, she enjoyed her years at the Academy. And it was interesting seeing a core-world perspective, as many of her jaunts as Federation Security had taken her to the fringes of Federation space. Now that she has served in Starfleet for a half-year or so, serving in the Shoals has brought new perspective to her job. In six short months, she has already had to help aid or prevent two attacks on planets, and once she was reassigned to a new ship, she had the displeasure of her parents express very strongly that they wanted her out of Starfleet. To the point where they threatened to disown her. The event did have an interesting and happy effect for her, where she met a new officer, stationed on board the USS Veritas at the time - Nabihah El Sayid. After a lot of dancing, Tiria felt she was finally able to begin to move on from her fiancee's death - if only a little bit, and felt.. more content.


  • Ityvial Zh'iqihlass (former fiancée) - An Andorian biologist that Tiria met in 2387 while in Federation Security. They fell in love rapidly, and as of 2390 were engaged to be married. Tragically, she died in 2391 on the Siege of Resilion IV
  • Sotak (friend) - Sotak is Tiria's roommate aboard the Montreal, due to them sharing junior quarters. Tiria, so far, has only opened a bit to her, but she was the first person aboard the USS Montreal about the death of her fiancee.
  • Lael Rosek (friend) - As her direct supervisor, Tiria has reported to Rosek a few times, but is still unsure what she thinks about her command style. However, Tiria appreciates that she has a sense of humor about her, when Tiria played a minor prank about PADDwork with her.
  • Chloe Waters (friend?) - Tiria went to the Academy about the same time Chloe did, and as both were in the habit of running, she struck up a friendship with the other woman, and was in the habit of occasionally sending her letters once she was posted to her duty post.
  • Nabihah El Sayid (girlfriend) - The two met when the USS Astraeus was being launched, and after a night of dancing, the two gave each other comm frequencies, and shared a quick kiss. They have shared some letters, and now that Tiria is posted to the USS Veritas, she is confident that the relationship will keep growing.

Personal History


Professional History

Before Starfleet

Tiria joined Federation Security, and was assigned to the Criminal Investigations branch in 2387 upon graduating from college with a degree in justice. She was rapidly promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the teams that roamed through some of the sparser sectors. During this time, she passed the certification to become a Detective, and was named Detective Sergeant, in 2388. In this time, she met a biologist named Ityvial Zh'iqihlass, and after a while, the two were in a committed relationship.

In early 2391, the Siege of Resilion IV happened. Resilion IV, which was in the middle of forming a stable government during the transition from colony world to fully fledged member of the Federation of Planets, was in a state of political turmoil. The world, located just outside the Tyrellian Sector, had faced issues with a minority faction suddenly growing in power and funds. By 2391, their agents had begun to penetrate into the government. One alert clerk of the Federation Bureau of Colonial Affairs had noticed something was odd with the reports emanating from the planet, and they sent in Tiria's team. While they beefed it up with several security teams, it turned out to be insufficient to the needs, as the rebel faction had hired many mercenaries, and within the first week of investigations, attacked them and any loyal government forces. Forced to retreat to a precinct building, the now diminished team holed up with some of the remaining Federation personnel, including Ityvial.

On Day 12, they received notification that the USS Wall Street was leading a small taskforce comprised of itself and several runabouts to relieve the siege and investigate the cause of the attack. They had to simply hold out for 14 more days. However, on day 25, the rebel forces, diminished from the sniper attacks, and rebuffed attempts to infiltrate and attack the precinct, initiated an attack in force after calling more and more forces from detachments attempting to take over various targets and Ityvial died in Tiria's arms. By this time, over 75% of the pro-government forces and Tiria's team were dead or so severely wounded they could not fight, nor maintain the force fields that were keeping the rebels from simply bringing down the building. The remaining forces were buried when the building was destroyed, but thankfully, the ship had appeared in orbit in just the right moment to rescue the majority of them.

While Tiria recovered after a few major surgeries, the now Detective Inspector retired, feeling unable to go on with her job soon after the trials for the ringleaders who were concluded. (It is of note that very few ringleaders survived to be caught, and investigations into where they got it from were unable to be conclusively proven in court, although Starfleet Intelligence now suspects it was the work of a hidden branch of the Orion Syndicate.). At a loose end, she joined Starfleet, determined to continue to serve others in some manner.

Aboard the Montreal

Tiria was assigned to the Montreal shortly before their mission to help Meridian from a biological attack. While she was primarily on the bridge for most missions, she was instrumental in finding a way for the Montreal to reach orbit before the terrorist in orbit could fire on them and lead to additional destruction on Meridian. Little did she suspect that was merely the prelude to the second act of this. While she was able to aid in Meridian, she wasn't as lucky when the terrorist attacked again, in Karakka. In the end, all she was able to do was barely aid in the efforts to stave off disaster.. but she failed. She watched as the Montreal self-destructed to prevent the freighter from impacting Karakka in at a velocity that would cause planetary destruction. She regarded it as her second worst failure, even though there were very few casualties.

Aboard the Astraeus

Tiria's first mission aboard the Astraeus was in the Cardassian Union, to find and rescue Bajorans still missing, even then, 21 years after the Occupation. The mission started out interestingly, with a dead-drop once they reached the Bajoran system, and kept going on, with political intrigue swirling. It wasn't until they recieved a distress call from a previously undeclared prison camp on the system AR-2301, located only three light years away from Cardassia. During the mission, in which Tiria was on the away team and got shot in the leg, they did manage to liberate the prisoners and reveal a secret faction of Cardassians working with the Son'a. Thankfully, the injury was minor, and soon, they left for the Eagle Nebula... until she was sent to the Veritas in the Shoals.

Aboard the Veritas

Accolades and Service History

Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank From To Position
Cadet 4th 239112.01 239212.12 N/A
Cadet 3rd 239201.02 239312.20 N/A
Cadet 2nd 239301.01 239412.30 N/A
Cadet 1st 239411.14 239512.30 N/A
USS Montreal
Ensign 239512.30 239603.18 Helmswoman/Operations
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239603.18 239605.30 Chief Helmswoman
USS Astraeus
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239605.30 239606.27 Chief Helmswoman & Ops
Lieutenant 239606.27 239609.20 Chief of Operations
USS Veritas
Lieutenant 239606.27 239609.20 Helmswoman
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239512.30
Starfleet Academy
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239603.18
USS Montreal
CDR Mei'konda - An Awarding Evening
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239603.18
USS Montreal
CDR Mei'konda - An Awarding Evening
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239603.18
USS Montreal
CDR Mei'konda - An Awarding Evening
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Silver Star 239606.27
USS Astraeus
Captain Mei'konda - The New Roster
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239606.27
USS Astraeus
Captain Mei'konda - The New Roster
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 239609.22
USS Astraeus
Captain Mei'konda Delano - First Landfall Valley
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 239609.22
USS Astraeus
Captain Mei'konda Delano - First Landfall Valley
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Silver Star 239609.22
USS Astraeus
Captain Mei'konda Delano - First Landfall Valley

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