Enemy of My Enemy (Montreal)

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Montreal Mission History · Montreal Logs
Year 1 (2395-2396)
Flashpoint · Enemy of My Enemy· Wounded Animals
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Enemy of My Enemy

  • Stardate 239601 - 239602


With the Tholian threat looming, the Montreal is tasked with seeking out the help of the Klingons to even the odds. The Montreal receives word that a Klingon general is currently visiting Meridian, and the ship makes their way there in order to try to form an alliance with them. Meanwhile, also on Meridian, a mysterious sickness breaks out among the population...

Mission Summary

While the first officer, Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek and the commanding officer, Commander Mei'konda were discussing new transfers, they were alerted by a priority one communique from Meridian[1][footnotes 1] and then shortly after, a new transfer - a noted doctor, Lieutenant Commander Solok, who formerly served with much of the crew of the USS Montreal when they were on the USS Veritas.

Alerting them that at the time, it was primarily affecting the Klingon population of the primary colony, they immediately began plans to implement a proper quarantine and relief to the colony. Implementing a rather risky plan to land the ship, given the age of the Norway-class spaceframe and damage from the persistent mission, they began to perform a dual outreach and medical relief mission[2]. Choosing to perform the diplomatic outreach directly, Mei'konda left the Rosek in command of the ship and left for the central visit to see General Eth'ek of the Klingon house Cirposh. Meanwhile, the Montreal immediately had to deal with two ships attempting to breach quarantine at the same time their medical and science teams were rushing to create two makeshift quarantine wards. Disabling the two ships, the shuttle patrol issued by the Montreal aided in rescuing the people stranded one of the more damaged freighters. During this tense moment, Lt. German Galven, the Chief of Science inadvertently made a tense situation worse by questioning Rosek's choices on the bridge, forcing Rosek to reprimand him in private.[3]

However, the meeting was interrupted by the fact that the general had been infected with this plague. Further more, the proceedings broke down entirely upon learning that one of the Klingon General's party, a Colonel Rilaw was a traitor[footnotes 2] and upon boarding the Montreal, she poisoned Lt. Galven through a tear in his EVA suit. She then disappeared, and a security team began searching for her before discovering that she had somehow breached quarantine.[4]. Meanwhile, Solok had remembered that at one point of his past, he had heard of the Phyrox plague[5] and managed to get authorization to get it's specifications. The efforts to find a cure were further aided by the party getting a purer sample during their investigations.

Commander Mei'konda discovered the culprit, Lenik, an extremist member of the Reya-Laialara, by watching the security camera footage [6]. At the same time, he hailed the Montreal, and threatened them with destruction if they didn't desert the ship within one hour.[7]. Refusing to hand over the ship, the bridge crew began to work on an idea to counter him, but before they could execute this plan, Rilek fired on the Crescent View Medical Research Facility.[8] with roughly 300 initial casualties[9][footnotes 3]. During this, one of the crew members, Nurse Beelam Grog, seemed to suffer from a nervous breakdown at the proposal to put Lt. German in a medical coma. [10]

Due to the time limit, and the attack on the medical facility, the crew of the Montreal accelerated their plan and executed a much more daring one. The plan, a hybrid of the ones proposed by Commander Tel-ar and Ensigns Sotak and Hamasaki, was two fold. Force a shuttle to reach a warp core-breach at the same time it rammed the Miran's Tifar, and then accelerate from the surface to attack.

A concern was the minimum time to reach safe distance for shields, roughly 31 seconds. Thanks to a plan by Lt. JG Harkrow to link the inertial dampeners to the warp field drive and cross-connecting it to the gravity plating, which would effectively decrease the mass of the ship for purposes of thrust[11][footnotes 4] , and with assistance from Sotak and Rosek, they cut that down to a much more daring twenty four seconds, and executed an attack on the terrorist ship with a steep ascent exceeding 9Gs[12], forcing it to retreat. In the meantime, Solok, with assistance from Ensign Stennin and with the original cure for the unmodified plague due to the aid of Starfleet Medical[13] had come up with a vaccine for this modified plague, and had successfully treated General Eth'ek, who was sent back down to Meridian to aid in recovery there. Thankfully, Lt. Galven later recovered consciousness, but the chief medical officer, Dr. Chythar Skyfire was confused to find that there were Borg nanoprobes within his system, and had been forced to purge them before he regained consciousness[14]

However, Lenik had gotten away, and it was a long stern 40-day chase to where the warp trails lead - Karakka.


As a direct result of this mission, Dr. Skyfire went on a long medical leave of abscence back to earth[15], and Dr. Solok became the new CMO on the Montreal[16]



  • Lenik - A extremist of the Reya-Laialara, escaped? - fate unknown
  • Rilaw - A double agent on behalf of Lenik, escaped? - fate unknown
  • General Eth'ek - Klingon general in charge of the Meridian diplomatic enclave, healed of the plague
  • Dr. Utesetha Mvan - Doctor in Cresent View Medical Research Facility - fate unknown
  • Dr. Cordam Vulbrick - Doctor in Cresent View Medical Research Facility - fate unknown


  1. See Shoals entry, re known communication issues
  2. Starfleet Intelligence has been informed by Klingon Intelligence that they suspect the real Rilaw was killed, but due to internal Klingon tensions, this is considered unconfirmable and no more than hearsay.
  3. The final casualties were 425, with 89 dying in the initial attack, and 12 as a result of it.
  4. Speaking of mas-.. forget about it