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USS Juneau


Ensign R'Kala, Ph.D.

Dr. R'Kala is a 36-year-old Klingon currently serving as a counselor aboard the USS Juneau. She specializes in astrophysics, sociology, and political science. While serving aboard the Juneau, she was also a part-time lecturer at the Daystrom Institute in the department of sociology. Before joining Starfleet, she worked as a political commentator for the Federation News Service. She has written two monographs and is a lover of science and education. She is currently spending time as a Starfleet officer to gain experience to eventually teach at the Academy but to also gain field experience to further her scientific desires.

  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Athletic; Typical Klingon Female Stature


Vitor Silveira: R'Kala's roommate aboard the Juneau. R'Kala enjoys his sense of humor, even if sometimes she believes some of his comments cause quite a stir.

T'Lea: T'Lea is another science officer aboard the USS Juneau who R'Kala got a chance to meet. While R'Kala believes that T'Lea is a truly intelligent scientist, she has a hard time with her mischievous personality.


Growing up with a father who was an adamant Klingon warrior, R’Kala grew up knowing much of Klingon culture and also knowing what "honor" really meant. She held on to that teaching for most of her life and it truly shaped how she saw things. R’Kala is a hard worker. She very big about helping other people, which may seem weird for a Klingon, but it is a part of a new form of "honor" that she has learned on her way by becoming more well-versed in her field as a science officer. Additionally, R’Kala is humorous...for a Klingon. Most of her humor can be seen as an immensely dry sense of humor. Some people call it sarcasm, some call it sass, some call it "Klingon humor." Regardless of what people call, R’Kala is able to see the fun or humor in situations that most people wouldn't. Sometimes this can help crew morale and help ease tension...sometimes it can get her in trouble.

  • Strengths: Honorable, Motivated, Hard working, considerate, Funny???
  • Weaknesses: Anger, impulsive, "mouthy"
  • Ambitions: To become superintendent of Starfleet Academy
  • Hobbies & Interests: Using the Bat'leth, singing Klingon opera, reading erotic literature, painting, teaching, writing
  • Likes: Hard working people, working alone, writing, volunteering for UFOP elections
  • Dislikes: People questioning her honor
  • Favorite Room: Astrometrics
  • Religion: Follower of Kahless the Unforgettable

Personal History

R’Kala was born on Qo'noS in 2362. She was born to two Klingon parents. her father, T'Surak was a commander in the House of Noggra. R’Kala was born right in the middle of her father being out in space and her father died in a battle in 2374 during the Dominion War. She was 12 years old. It was her mother, V'Pol who told R’Kala the narrative of her brave father and how he died in battle fighting for the Klingon Empire and was now living in Sto'Vo'Kor. She fell in love with her father purely from the stories that her mother told her. Eventually, when R’Kala and her brother were old enough they both wanted to start their lives. Her brother, Rakar, wanted to be just like his father, fighting and dying for the Klingon Empire in battle, but R’Kala wanted to be involved in the sciences, which severely disappointed her mother, but R’Kala was allowed to pursue these studies.

While her brother joined the Klingon Defense Force, R’Kala attended the Science Institute on Mempa V in 2380 to study science. R’Kala’s superiors wanted her to study astrophysics to help aid in building weapons for the Klingon Defense Force, but she wanted to study culture and societies. She got around her “weapons creation” duties by informing her professors she was studying “the sociology of war,” which would help aid them in battle. For the most part, her professors believed her. In 2384 she graduated from the Institute and set off to be a “scientist.”

In 2384 she decided she wanted to leave Qo'noS and go "exploring," which her mother did not at all understand. She left Qo'noS on a civilian trade freighter, to the much disagreement of her mother and brother--practically disowning her. There she met a cultural anthropologist who taught her about alien cultures, politics, and philosophy. The starship was mostly for a group of space nomads who had nowhere else to go. For a year, R’Kala traveled on it in the Alpha quadrant, exploring places on her own.

In 2386 R’Kala wrote her first book, 'IHI'Ijqu'!: mach tlhIngan tej paq (in English: Listen to Me!: A Klingon Scientist Manifesto) which was a memoir/autobiographical work about her life as a Klingon scientist and all that she had endured on her 5-year journey on Qo’noS and aboard the SS Zenith, learning about different aliens and cultures and societies.

In 2387, R’Kala decided to get some experience working in an archeological expedition with Federation scientists to search for Iconian gateways. She met several other historians, sociologists, and anthropologists from different species and planets. The expedition proved to be incomplete, but she was able to get enough field experience with talented researchers to get a research fellowship at the Felker Institute. In 2388 she was studying under a cultural anthropologist while also teaching Starfleet cadets about Klingon culture and basic sociology. Her fellowship only lasted 2 years and when it ended, in 2390, she decided again to continue her own personal research on Earth, taking advantage of Federation archives, but unbeknownst in 2389 the Klingons invaded the Romulan Empire. After obtaining a Ph.D. in sociology, she moved to Earth, just after the Klingon Invasion.

In 2390, R’Kala remained on Earth and found a job at the Federation News Service. She only worked part-time for the FNS as a political commentator because most of her time was spent teaching at the Daystrom Institute as a part-time lecturer. At the Institute she taught courses such as “the sociology of space,” “Klingon love poetry,” and “intergalactic crime.” She gained a reputation though from her annual “war and politics” course which several students complained about her being a “ruthless professor” and treating her students like “Klingon warriors in training.” She remained at the Daystrom Institute for three years as a part-time lecturer until she decided to apply to Starfleet Academy.

In 2393, R’Kala enrolled at Starfleet Academy, wanting to officially become a Starfleet officer. She majored in Science, with a specialty in history and sociology. She minored in philosophy. During this year, she got word from her mother that her brother, Rakar had been killed in action, just like her father. While her mother was pleased with Rakar’s accomplishments, she was still displeased to learn that R’Kala had chosen to go into science at Starfleet Academy rather than security, tactical, or even the marines.

While taking courses at the Academy, she published her second book, veS: tlhIngan Dev nugh HaD (in English: War: The Klingon Guide to Studying Society) in 2396. In 2397 she took her cadet cruise after four years of study and was placed on the USS Juneau as a science officer.

On 239901.04, R'Kala received a subspace communique from her colleague, Dr. Ron Carnegie, from the Daystrom Institute that her position had been terminated permanently.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2393 - 2397 Starfleet Academy
Major: History & Sociology Minor: Philosophy
Ensign SD 239709.22 - 239901.04 USS Juneau
Juneau class.png
Science Officer
Ensign SD 239709.22 - 239901.04 USS Juneau
Juneau class.png
Ship's Counselor

Awards and Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
B-Plot Award 2389
USS Juneau
Awarded to those simmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2397
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 2397
USS Juneau
Awarded to a person for exemplary service and/or honorable actions performed in the course of his/her duties, when that service is deemed worthy of formal recognition by his/her commanding officer.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 2397
USS Juneau
Awarded to a person who participates in a successful first contact event.
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 2389
USS Juneau
Awarded to a member of Starfleet who participates in, and successfully completes, a mission where keeping the peace is the primary goal.
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 2389
USS Juneau
Awarded to a person who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal.

Academic Record


Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology 2390, The Felker Institute
Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics 2384, Science Institue on Mempa V

Professional Career

Instructor of Sociology 2390-2393, Daystrom Institute
Political Commentator 2390-2393, Federation News Service

Starfleet Career

Serial Number: QX - 534 - 145
Training Facility Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, 2393-2397
Major Science - History and Sociology
Minor Science - Philosophy
Commissioned 2397
Current Rank Ensign
Current Assignment USS Juneau

Research & Publications

  • The Felker Institute Press
    • 'IHI'Ijqu'!: mach tlhIngan tej paq (in English: Listen to Me!: A Klingon Scientist Manifesto), 2386.
  • Daystrom Institute Press
    • veS: tlhIngan Dev nugh HaD (in English: War: The Klingon Guide to Studying Society), 2396
  • Starfleet Journal of Arts & Sciences
    • (WIP Paper) "The After Effects: Post-Dominion War Politics in The Aavaro Wilds"
      • R'Kala is currently working on a journal article that analyzes the politics of the Avaro Wilds after the Dominion War, specifically focusing on Jem'Hadar experiences.

Academic Transcript - Official Copy
Starfleet Academy Office of the Registrar
Student Name: R'Kala
Student ID: QX - 534 - 145
Commissioned: 239709.22
Transcript Issued: 239901.04
  • Dates of Attendance: 239309.21 - 239709.22
  • Campus: San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector
  • Major: History & Sociology
  • Minor: Philosophy
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.57
  • Total Credit Hours: 60
Year 1
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ADMIN101 Starfleet Operations A 1.0 4.0
ADMIN110 Chain of Command and General Protocol A 1.0 4.0
DIPL101 General B+ 1.0 3.3
HIST101 Birth of the Federation A 1.0 4.0
MATH101 Concepts B- 1.0 2.7
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG221 LCARS Programming 1 B- 1.0 2.7
ENG231 Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces B- 1.0 2.7
LANG101 Federation Standard A 1.0 4.0
LAW101 Federation General A 1.0 4.0
PILOT101 Runabouts and Shuttles B- 1.0 2.7
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG232 Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks C+ 1.0 2.3
ENG233 Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems C+ 1.0 2.3
LANG140 Elementary Romulan A 1.0 4.0
MED101 First Aid and Field Medicine B- 1.0 2.7
PHYS101 Concepts A 1.0 4.0
Year 2
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
SURV101 Starship Emergencies B 1.0 3.0
TAC101 Combat, Unarmed A- 1.0 3.7
BIO101 Concepts A 1.0 4.0
XEN101 General A- 1.0 3.7
ASTRO101 Astrophysics, General A 1.0 4.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
SURV110 Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training C+ 1.0 2.3
TAC110 Combat, Small Weapons B+ 1.0 3.3
ASTRO121 Astrophysics, Advanced A 1.0 4.0
CHEM301 Physical Chemistry 1 A- 1.0 3.7
XEN190 Introduction to Cardassians A 1.0 4.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
CHEM302 Physical Chemistry 2 B+ 1.0 3.3
PHYS180 Elementary Temporal Mechanics A 1.0 4.0
PHYS275 Electrodynamics B+ 1.0 3.3
HIST110 Pop Culture A 1.0 4.0
XEN180 Introduction to Romulans A 1.0 4.0
Year 3
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
PHYS280 Advanced Temporal Mechanics A- 1.0 3.7
PHYS300 Quantum Mechanics A- 1.0 3.7
BIO221 Evolution, Humanoid A 1.0 4.0
BIO222 Evolution, Non-Humanoid A 1.0 4.0
HIST130 Klingon Opera A 1.0 4.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
PHYS320 Theory of Everything C+ 1.0 2.3
BIO223 Evolution, Superior Species B 1.0 3.0
BIO320 Botany of Major Worlds A 1.0 4.0
XEN280 Romulan History through the Atomic Age A 1.0 4.0
XEN290 Cardassian History through the Atomic Age A 1.0 4.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
BIO325 Zoology, General B 1.0 3.0
BIO326 Zoology, Major Worlds B 1.0 3.0
HIST135 Klingon Literature A 1.0 4.0
HIST200 Starfleet History A 1.0 4.0
HIST210 The Five-Year Mission A 1.0 4.0
Year 4
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
HIST250 The Dominion War A 1.0 4.0
HIST260 Voyager A 1.0 4.0
PHIL240 Applied Ethics B+ 1.0 3.3
PHIL150 Elementary Logic B 1.0 3.0
PHIL300 Philosophical Methods of Writing A 1.0 4.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
XEN500 Borg A 1.0 4.0
PHIL250 Intermediate Logic B+ 1.0 3.3
PHIL370 Philosophy of Religion A 1.0 4.0
PHIL401 Topics in Philosophical History A 1.0 4.0
XEN510 The Dominion A 1.0 4.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
LAW250 Federation, Interplanetary B- 1.0 2.7
LAW300 International Law B+ 1.0 3.3
XEN520 Species 8472 A 1.0 4.0
LANG573 Klingon Love Poetry A 1.0 4.0
HIST400 Honors Thesis Research (War & Politics) A 1.0 4.0

Sim Archive

  • Ready for Duty - (R'Kala arrives aboard the Juneau in the middle of a mission)
  • Ending So Soon - (R'Kala arrives aboard the Juneau in the middle of a mission)

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