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Philosophy Department

The study of existence, knowledge, and ethics.

  • PHIL100: Introduction to Philosophy
    • Focuses on one philosophical topic at a very broad level, varies by term. Introduces general philosophical techniques, how to write philosophy papers, and how to exam arguments put forth by philosophers.
  • PHIL140: Introduction to Ethics
    • Focuses on one ethical topic at a very broad level, varies by term. Introduces general ethical frameworks and their histories. Students will analyze the ethical topic utilizing these various frameworks.
  • PHIL150: Elementary Logic
    • Introduces basic logic theory. Discusses theory of reasoning, methods for evaluating inferences, and how to formulate basic logical arguments.
  • PHIL240: Applied Ethics
    • A survey of various topics in ethics, looking more closely at various frameworks and how they apply to these topics. Topics will range from fictional moral dilemmas to real-world examples.
  • PHIL250: Intermediate Logic
    • Introduction to formal logic. Students will learn how to symbolize natural language arguments and determine their validity and soundness. This course focuses on two formal logic systems: a prevailing human system and a prevailing Vulcan one.
  • PHIL300: Philosophical Methods of Writing
    • An in-depth focus on philosophical writing, argumentation, and research. Students will read a survey of related philosophical works and write responses to these works. Students will receive comprehensive feedback on writing technique from a graduate student.
  • PHIL370: Philosophy of Religion
    • This course will focus on the philosophies behind various religions represented in the Federation. Students will learn arguments for the existence of the divine as well as arguments in opposition.
  • PHIL401: Topics in Philosophical History
    • Focuses on one historical philosopher, or work of philosopher, in-depth, varies by term. Students will learn about one important philosopher or work in philosopher, engaging with the material and presenting responses to the topic in question.

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