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Crew of Amity Outpost


Ensign Kivik

Ensign Kivik is a J'naii junior Science Officer, currently serving aboard Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant.

Character Biography

Basic Stats

  • Full Name: Kivik
  • Race: J'naii
  • Gender: Androgynous (ne/nem/nir)
  • Place of Birth: Th'orem, J'naii
  • Date of Birth: 236609.07 (31)
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0

Preferred Pronouns

As most J'naii do not associate with a masculine or feminine (male/female) gender identity, many prefer the use of gender-neutral pronouns for themselves.

It should be noted that there are a large population of J'naii who do experience gender - the below guide is for Ensign Kivik's preferences only.

Preference Subjective Possessive Objective
Preferred Ne Nir Nem
Accepted They Their Them
Not Preferred He His Him
Not Preferred She Hers Her

It should also be noted that the J'naii experience of gender, while similar in some ways to non-binary Humans is not the same - since J'naii is a predominantly androgynous society, non-binary J'naii have never experienced the same struggles as non-binary humans have.

Personal History


  • Marital Status: Unattached
  • Parents: Nerun, Altik
  • Siblings: Jasken (older), Weir (younger)

Presentation & Physical Features

  • Height: 1.57 m (5'2")
  • Weight: 55 kg (120 lb)
  • Build: Slight, androgynous
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Handedness: Right
  • Voice: Mid-Range, ungendered

Personality & Mannerisms

  • Mannerisms: Curious, studious, excitable, nervous
  • Temperament: Level-headed, non-confrontational
  • Mental Difficulties: Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong suggested that Kivik may suffer from Anxiety (undiagnosed)[1]
  • Habits: Habitual coffee drinker, lover of all things sweet
  • Hobbies: Games (e.g. board games, holodeck, strategy)
  • Musical Instruments: Cello (learning)

Beliefs & Attitudes

  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Atheist
  • Likes: Coffee, sweets, scientific discovery
  • Dislikes: Danger, rudeness, unfamiliar social situations
  • Ambitions and Goals: Kivik is working on nir long-term goals now that ne has achieved a Starfleet posting
  • Achievements in Life: Advanced scientific training, one of few J'naii to leave home world and join Starfleet
  • Disappointments in Life: Having to leave home in order to live in an accepting society

Fashion & Style

  • Quarters: Kivik's quarters are typically fairly spartan, though ne has accrued some odd decor from nir Veritas roommate, Ensign Finsen
  • Off Duty Dress: Typical J'naii garb (jumpsuit)


Name Ship Posting Relationship Status Comments
Ikaia Wong Amity Outpost Friends, Mentorship Kivik and Wong have grown to know and respect one another as friends. Kivik also looks up to Wong as a role model.
Scotty Reade Amity Outpost Friends, Colleagues Scotty and Kivik have participated in several missions and personal adventures together and enjoy each others' company.
Lilith Thorne Amity Outpost Friends, Colleagues Lilith and Kivik have participated in several missions and personal adventures together, including a midnight snack on the USS Baikal.
Ensign Finsen USS Veritas Friends, Roommates While at first Finsen's intense personality wore on Kivik, ne has learned to appreciate the excitable Denobulan as a friend.

Personal History

Early Life

Korten Research Institute on J'naii homeworld.

Kivik was born, like all J’naii, from a fibrous husk which combined and nurtured nir parents’ genetic material, in 2366 - the second child sired by Nerun and Altik. While the ritual may seem odd to some humanoid species, it is quite normal on J’naii.

Kivik’s family lived in a recently-established city on the planet’s southernmost continent, Th’orem. Recent technological advances had made this possible, as the region’s climate had previously been considered uninhabitable. As such, the city was a hub for scientific pursuits - research, development, and education.

Nerun studied planetary science - geology and climate - and Altik worked as an administrator for the local chapter of a global scientific academy, Korten Research Institute. Kivik’s older sibling, Jasken, had travelled to the J’naii capitol, on J’naris (the planet’s smallest, but most-resource-rich continent) to work in politics.

The 'Enterprise Incident'

The USS Enterprise-D over the J'naii homeworld

In 2368, when Kivik was only two, the USS Enterprise visited J’naii following the discovery of a nearby Null Space pocket[2]. The situation quickly became a global sensation, as the Federation found themselves embroiled in a scandalous incident involving Commander Riker and a J’naii pilot. Jasken was present for the trial of Sorel (the pilot), working as a junior secretary for Chief Minister Noor. In the years following, as Kivik grew up, Jasken would often recount the story when visiting. Kivik was fascinated by the tale of the visiting aliens, their strange ‘gendered’ society, and how the J’naii responded to the incident.

Education on J'naii

Once Kivik had completed nir secondary education, in 2382, ne continued with their studies at the Korten Institute, following in nir parent’s footsteps. Ne studied Biology and, over four years, attained a Principal Degree (equivalent to a Masters) in the field. Ne worked for a few years, travelling around the planet, as part of a research team studying local organisms.

While travelling, Kivik developed an interest in the differing regional cultures of the J’naii and, upon returning to Th’orem, enrolled once again at Korten Institute, studying Ethnology - a niche subject on J’naii and completing nir second Principal Degree in 2390. After a few more years working on J’naii, a unique opportunity was presented.

Research & Backlash

Along with nir research partner, Halin, Kivik conducted an ongoing study of the effects of gender on J'naii psychology and physiology. The study's controversial hypothesis suggested that there may, in fact, be no mental or physical illness component to J'naii gender expression. The study was conducted using a variety of measures, including neurological and genetic testing - overseen by Halin - as well as interviews, surveys, and other cultural data aggregation - overseen by Kivik. The identities of the study's subjects was kept strictly confidential to avoid any social backlash towards them.

Ultimately, Kivik and Halin determined that their research conclusively demonstrated no statistically significant link between gender and any other mental or physical illness within J'naii and, further, that individuals who were allowed to express themselves were generally happier and healthier than repressed counterparts. The J'naii government strictly forbade the researchers from publishing their findings without making significant alterations that would undermine the legitimacy of the research. Under the pressure, Halin and Kivik were split on what to do. Kivik opted to publish the unchanged findings on nir own and took an opportunity to leave J'naii in hopes of finding a new home with the Federation.

The Federation & Starfleet

While the J’naii had refused offers to join the Federation, citing overwhelming cultural discrepancies, the Federation still maintained relations with the J’naii and a research vessel was returning to J’naii space to study the long-term effects of the Null Space pocket

Kivik met with the lead Federation scientist and arranged to come aboard as a civilian scientific consultant, familiar with J’naii customs and the local area. Following this, Kivik utilised this position to stay aboard the Federation vessel, travelling back to Federation space and applying to the Starfleet Academy, in hopes of attaining a Science Officer posting aboard a Federation vessel to learn more about the myriad species and cultures inhabiting the wider galaxy.

Professional History

Service Record

Ensign Kivik's Starfleet ID
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet, 4th Class 2393 - 2394 Starfleet Academy Science Major
Cadet, 3rd Class 2394 - 2395
Cadet, 2nd Class 2395 - 2396 Science Major,
Diplomacy Minor
Cadet, 1st Class 2396 - 2397
Ensign 2398 - 2398 USS Veritas Science Officer
2398 - Present Amity Outpost

Awards & Achievements

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239806.20
Starfleet Academy
Graduation from Starfleet Academy
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon 239809.20
USS Veritas
(Mini-Mission) Endeavour Five lost shuttle mission
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239809.20
USS Veritas
(Fissure) Work on MST modification project
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239809.20
USS Veritas
(Fissure) Antor II diplomatic / rescue mission

Player Achievements

A face for the name
A face for the name
It's all in the details
It's all in the details
On the road again
On the road again
What's up, doc?
What's up, doc?
Penny for your thoughts
Penny for your thoughts
Friends in high places
Friends in high places
Bad bet
Bad bet
Man on a mission
Man on a mission
Holy dArtagnan!
Holy dArtagnan!
Data hound
Data hound
Captain Proton to the Rescue!
Captain Proton to the Rescue!
Part of the team
Part of the team

Starfleet Academy

Kivik excelled at the Academy - particularly in program areas related to the Sciences, though ne struggled somewhat in classes related to combat, survival, and piloting.

Ne majored in Anthropology, continuing the educational and career path ne had been on prior to leaving J'naii for the Federation. Ne minored in Diplomacy, as ne felt it was a logical extension of nir interests and competencies.

Kivik's most memorable class was ANTH114 - Avoiding Imposition: Recognizing and Mitigating Cultural Assumptions in Archaeology[3].

Cadet Cruise

During nir Cadet Cruise aboard Starbase 118, Kivik served as Science Officer under the training of Commander MacKenzie and Lieutenant Commander ch’Ranni.

The 'Cruise' consisted of a holodeck simulation set on a new Federation colony with joint Betazoid / Klingon colonists. The Betazed settlers had arrived first and, before the Klingons could land, began contracting a mysterious illness. Additionally, anomylous seismic readings - and the team's discovery of underground tunnels - revealed the involvement of some local burrowing fauna or entity.

As the team split up, Kivik accompanied Commander MacKenzie and the training's Medical Officer, Cadet Taylor, to the colony where they discovered the Betazoids were experiencing rapid and unusual cell mutation. Kivik was able to determine that unusually high levels of typically-weak alpha radiation. The team suspected the colony's water supply may have been deliberately tampered with and set to investigate.

At this point, the Cruise came to an end - the trainers evidently seeing all that they needed by that point to submit their evaluations. Following nir completion of the Cruise, Kivik was assigned to the USS Veritas as a junior Science Officer.

USS Veritas

Arrival & First Mission

Kivik was posted to the USS Veritas in 2398. Ne came aboard during shore leave, via shuttle, and met with Captain Rahman and the ship's Operation's Officer, Lieutenant Commander Parker - who welcomed Kivik aboard and assigned nir quarters. During the briefing, Kivik was also assigned to the Endeavour Five mission - an archeological away mission aboard the shuttlecraft Baikal to find the remnants of a lost NX-Era shuttle (the Endeavour Five) and its crew.

Before leaving, Kivik received a medical examination from the ship's Physician's Assistant, Lieutenant JG Wong, and Security Clearance from the ship's Chief of Security, Commander Kelrod. The Away Mission's crew consisted of Captain Rahman, Commander Parker, Lieutenant Wong, and three Ensigns: Reade, Thorne, and Kivik.

During the mission, Kivik began to learn more about nir crewmates - spending time working one-on-one with Ensign Reade and attending an evening 'around the campfire' hosted by Lieutenant Wong. Ne particularly connected with Ensign Thorne, as the two of them had been assigned to share a room. The pair stayed up late one night eating Thorne's homemade apple pie and discussing their unique histories.

The mission ended abruptly, and earlier than expected. Unbeknownst to the Veritas' team, an unfamiliar race of energy beings (who called themselves Kerenians) lived on the Moon they were investigating and had tried to possess the crew of the Endeavour Five. When the Baikal arrived in orbit of the moon, the mission quickly went sideways as Captain Rahman found herself possessed by some other spirit and compelled to destroy the crashed vessel from orbit.

Unknown to the crew, one of the energy being entities managed to 'stowaway' on the Baikal and would turn up later as an invasive entity in one of the ship's Holodecks. The intruder attempted to trap several crewmembers, including Kivik, within the Holodeck and kill them - perhaps as a ploy to lure and possess the Captain. This plan was foiled by the trapped crewmembers and their valiant shipmates and the intruder was destroyed.

For nir participation in the Endeavour Five Mission, Kivik was awarded the Scientific Discovery Ribbon by Captain Rahman on 239809.20.

Mission: Fissure

Kivik's first proper mission aboard the Veritas took nem to Antor II - capital of the Shoals' Colonial Coalition. The mission began as a diplomatic effort to strengthen ties with the people of Antor II and its separationist government by demonstrating the value of Starfleet's (and by extension, The Federation's) presence in the sector.

During the mission, there was a minor earthquake that collapsed part of the Russel River Dilithium Mine, trapping nearly 100 miners, as well as Ensign Scotty Reade and Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong within. Kivik was designated to the Search and Rescue (SAR) Team under the command of Chief Engineer, Commander Wil Ukinix. In a joint operation with Antor II's Emergency Response Division, the SAR team managed to rescue most of the miners as well as the two Starfleet Officers.

For nir participation in the Antor II Mission, Kivik was awarded the Innovation Ribbon (for participating in the multidisciplinary MST modification project) as well as the Joint Meritorious Unit Award (for working in tandem with the local SAR team) by Captain Rahman on 239809.20.

Amity Outpost

In 2398, Kivik - and many other members of the Veritas crew - were re-assigned to the Amity Outpost installation in the Delta Quadrant.

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