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The Shoals
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"There was something to be said about the vast emptiness of Kidman I. What was once bushland shrubbery that she and Pierce had been required to navigate through one inch at a time had been effectively cleared by Largew's small crew intending to inhabit the planet. Cleared in just two days work thanks to their modern technology, Blake now stood in 1 square kilometre block of empty land, tiny patches of a greeny-yellow weed grass atop a hard dirt-clay ground being the only indication that there once sat a patch of bushland."
Sky Blake, "Kidman I"

Bupirninyirring is a sole settlement based on Kidman I. Home to thirty colonists, Bupirninyirring serves as a source for natural resource production for not only itself, but the surrounding colony worlds. It's jointly run by Keyri Largew and Pierce MacNamara.

Though initially rejected for immediate use by the Colonial Coalition, Largew pushed for a single settlement to be placed on the small M-class world in the newly named "Kidman" system. As she was unable to find any public assistance, Largew instead resorted to hiring a team of surveyors to assist with locating the best possible position for a settlement to produce resources for colonies struggling to receive supply shipments from the larger Coalition worlds. When surveys were complete, and Starfleet having gained interest in the small project due to the convenient position of Kidman I, Bupirninyirring was green-lit.

Largew approached Starfleet to provide minor support to assist getting the settlement off the ground - though no crews were available, the Starfleet Rangers recruit one of their officers to the cause, who provides complete assistance. Starfleet has also allowed Bupirninyirring access to key pieces of equipment on a long-term basis, including that of a land vehicle - in return, Bupirninyirring hosts a key communications relay of which will prove instrumental in improving subspace communications in certain areas of the Shoals.

Bupirninyirring was designed to be self-sufficient, and does not rely on any passing supply vessels or resources from primary Coalition worlds. This is due primarily because of the efforts of MacNamara, whom utilizes a combination of modern day technology with olden day techniques. However, the settlement is located in a drought-struck area and requires the use of newly developed water reclamators, combined with strict water conservation tactics. MacNamara is known to traverse not by the provided vehicle, but by his Australian stockhorse.