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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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OOC: The sims listed here are a selection of sims which I have singled out for a variety of reasons. Some I have singled out as they show important events for Salak, others are simply pieces of writing which I feel especially proud of. I hope you enjoy reading these. - Jay

USS Wallace & Deep Space 17

Salak dismisses the concept of Luck...
Despite best efforts, Salak fails to save the P'Kothla.
A conversation with Commander Kare'en on DS17 is interrupted by an Explosion on the Wallace.
Salak is promoted to Lt.JG
A sim which gives an insight into Salak's family during his stay on Andor. Includes a description of part of the Embassy.
A sim describing Salaks return to DS17 from Andoria.
A Communications fault shows Salak speaking in Vulcan to a lost Trill...
Salak visits the remains of his quarters on the Wallace for the first time since the Bombing.
Salak explains what can happen if the needs of the few are chosen over the needs of the many.
Salak sees a familiar face as his life seems to slip away...
Salak awakens in a confused state.
Leaving the Wallace engine room for the final time before transfer.

USS Independence

A busy day in the Engine Room (inc. Core ejection) ends with this unexpected visitor.

USS Independence-A

Salak is promoted to full Lt.
The First Officer meets with an "off duty" Salak to discuss ways of forgetting the events on TE-IV
Salak offers help in Engineering, but gets more than he bargained for.

USS Tiger

Knocked out by boarding Reapers, an old memory resurfaces for the first time.
Back outside the Temple, someone tries to revive Salak.
Salak is promoted to Lt. Cmdr. and Second Officer
Salak recieves a gift which brings back a few memories.