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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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This is a compilation of various sims, including several by Cmdr Riley.

((Science Lab 2, USS Independence-A. About 6 hours after going off duty))

::It wasn't his desk but it would do. The long, curving black worktop stretched out beside him, its near impeccable surface gleaming at him as the overhead lights reflected off it. At the back of the desk, nearest the Vulcan, sat a solitary cup; a small container that seemed white at first glance but was slightly off hue. It contained his beverage of choice, one he had not had time to consume for a while.::

::The aroma of the tea hung in the air as Salak fed the computer terminal more instructions. It bleeped chirpily, in stark contrast to the plain, dull expression on the Lieutenants face. He had many emotions hidden within, occassionally they would surface, but to most non-telepaths, the intensely subtle differences between his moods were beyond recognition. Many on board the ship had not served with him long enough to realise how close his emotions could be to his surface; that despite his best efforts, he was not as cold as a computer, even if he did try to be as logical as one.::

::Salak reached to the desk beside him, to the PADD that lay upon it as he tried to copy information across. He paused briefly, reflecting on the solitude of the room within which he'd been alone since Tsla had gone off duty. When he paused from his research, the room fell as silent as the depths of space itself, the endless void that lay just beyond the ceiling of the room. It was so quiet that he contemplated meditating in here at some point, though he doubted the Science department would appreciate that.::

::He eased the PADD from the desk, tapping a few, gentle commands upon the panel as the solitude was broken. A computer chirped as it completed a diagnostic, a comm badge joining the growing chorus as the silence of a void was lost to the comparative cacophony of sound::

Riley: =/\= Riley to Lieutenant Salak =/\=

Salak: =/\= Salak here, go ahead Commander =/\=

Riley: =/\= I was wondering if you were busy Lieutenant. =/\=

Salak: =/\= I am currently running a few tests in Science Lab 2 =/\=

Riley: =/\= Really, aren't we supposed to be off duty for 24 hours? =/\=

::A Vulcan and an Engineer at heart, how could he stop working? What were off duty hours for except to write the reports he doesn't have time to when on duty, to perform more research, to catch up on technical reading... The needs of the many; the ship; outweighed his own needs. Such had been his rationale for as long as he could remember, and as his former doctor on both the Wallace and the old Independence, he was sure the current First Officer was aware of it too.::

Salak: =/\= That would be accurate, to my knowledge, and I am observing such. However, you did request an official report from all staff... =/\=

Riley: =/\= I was hoping I could get a chance to speak with you off duty. =/\=

Salak: =/\= That would be agreeable. I have almost concluded here, if it is convenient for you to meet me at my present location? =/\=

Riley: =/\= Certainly Mister Salak, I'll be there in ten minutes.=/\=

::The commbadge chirped once more as the channel closed, the Vulcan returning to his PADD and the Access Terminal as he added the finishing touches to his report.::

((mini-timewarp: a few minutes later))

::The wall of noise returned as everything chirped at once. The file was saved on both PADD and Terminal as the Computer across the room chirped to remind that the results of the diagnostic had still not been analysed. The Vulcan closed the computer display, placed his PADD back upon the desk and picked up the cup of Vulcan Spice Tea. Salak stood, leaning slightly against the desk as he began to walk over to the diagnostic.::

::As he did so, the Vulcan caught three subtle glimmers in the corner of his eye. He turned, realising straight away; he had failed amongst his work and the various chirps to notice the pleasant swoosh of the doors. The glimmers were those of light shining upon three small discs emblazened on the collar of his long time colleague, the ships First Officer, who now stood in the doorway.::

Salak: Good... evening Commander?

Riley: Good Evening Lieutenant.

Salak: The report you requested, sir.

::The part-Deltan paused briefly as she took the report.::

Riley: Thank You....Actually I wasn't here on official business.

Salak: Commander?

::She smiled as she replied::

Riley: You're supposed to be off duty remember?

Salak: I am aware...

Riley: How is your research going?

Salak: The simulations are promising so far, I forwarded some of the data to the Antares Fleet Yards about .94 hours ago for them to cross examine. I seem to have resolved some issues regarding subspace field stress but the new articulation frame design still includes... flaws.

::Sidney nodded, she had to admit she didn't completely understand all of the technobabble, but she knew the basic components of all research.::

Riley: Part of the reason I am here is because I wanted to see how you were doing. We haven't really had a chance to talk much since you were reassigned to the Independence. I don't think I ever really got a chance to say it's good to have you back...

Salak: I recall a short conversation in the mess when I joined the crew, but have seen comparatively little of you since.

::The Vulcan paused::

Salak: ...Part of the reason?

::The Pointy eared alien tidied the Lab up as the two talked, replacing his now empty cup in the Replicator amongst other things. It seemed an efficient use of time.::

Riley: Oh yes, and the other reasons I am would be I wanted to apologize to you.

Salak: Apologise?

Riley: For my behavior at the party before our last mission. It has come to my attention....::pause:: well, it was brought to my attention some people misinterpreted my intentions...

Salak: Our conversation that night was relatively brief, I perceive no need for an apology on your part.

Riley: I know, but still all the same...I wouldn't feel right unless I did apologize..

Salak: Feelings can be irrational, illogical, dangerous. However on this occassion, it is perhaps simpler to accept the apology and move on. You implied there was at least one more reason to see me?

Riley: Ah, yes the second reason I am here... you don't miss anything do you Mister Salak?

::Salak noticed a flicker in the Commanders eye, one that could be considered playful. If she were trying to provoke an emotional reaction, it wouldn't be a first time. He assumed it was a joking manner, given his knowledge of her history with Bron, even if he had seen little of the Security officer in the recent past.::

Salak: In order to miss something, I need either overlook it, thus would not be aware of missing it; or have emotional attachment, which is unbecoming for a Vulcan. Your point however?

Riley: I was wondering if you would like to get some lunch? I'd like to ask for your advice....

Salak: ::raising an eyebrow:: ...lunch at this hour?

::Salak thought for a second::

Salak: I believe the Science department would be most agreeable if we ate somewhere beyond these walls, where might you suggest?

Riley: ::Chuckles:: Most likely so...I'm sure the science department wouldn't like crumbs in the ongoing research. How about the officer's lounge?

::Salak nodded and then followed Sidney out of the lab. He paused only to lock up the lab and Sidney waited patiently while he did so.::

Salak: May I inquire as to what advice you seek?

::The First Officer paused.::

Riley: I wanted to seek your advice on some Vulcan techniques in meditation. I seek to separate some emotional responses from my work...

::It was a request Salak had not heard before, one he raised an eyebrow to. It seemed odd, there seemed no logical rational for the timing of the request either...::

Salak: Is there any reason for the request?

Riley: Why does there have to be a reason?

Salak: Humans are by nature an irrational, emotional species...

Riley: I know humans are supposed to have emotions. However, I want to separate some negative feelings from my decision making processes...

Salak: I was under the impression that part of your upbringing was on Vulcan. Would that not have been a more logical time to learn such techniques?

Riley: It was Mister Salak and I do have some training. However, I believe I did not take the Vulcan disciplines as seriously as I perhaps should have in my youth.

::The two officers passed through the main doors into the Officers Mess, Salak heading initially for the replicator::

Salak: What is your preferred consumption?

Riley: Oh...Chef Salad and Vulcan Spice tea....::Pause and smiles.:: Thank you Mr. Salak....

::Salak keyed the order into the Replicator panel, producing first the Commanders order, then his own Plomeek Soup and Vulcan Spice Tea. The two sat at a table away from the other attendees. Away from prying ears, the Vulcan continued the conversation::

Salak: Vulcans control their emotions by process of T'san s'at. It is the intellectual deconstruction of our emotional patterns and involves meditation but is a life long process. You will not see any quick results.

Riley: I'm aware of the T'san s'at and I know it's complicated...

Salak: Meditation commonly involves the use of lamps and candles, though there are alternatives such as the construction of a Keethara.

Riley: ::nods.:: Are there any other options available, something perhaps more short term?

Salak: A more short term alternative could be a mind meld, a Vulcan could try and instill control within your mind to assist with emotional control. Such would provide a foundation from which you can more easily undergo T'san s'at, though the initial mind meld can be overwhelming for a non-Vulcan.

::Sidney paused. A mind meld...She wasn't sure she wanted to undergo such a process. If she did then someone else would know everything she knew, everything she felt. Her only experience with a mind meld had been as a child and she shuttered slightly at the thought, it wasn't an experience she really wanted to go through again. She didn't want to think of that. She was thankful when Salak continued.::

Salak: Of course, a logical reason for your request could be Bilak par. Have you undergone a traumatic situation recently, a possible mistake that you would rather forget?

Riley: ::Ignoring the question.:: I've never heard of Bilak par...

Salak: Bilak par is the Vulcan term for self pity. There is a very old ritual called Fullara which can repress the memories and emotions relating to an incident. However it is very rarely used, it's been obsolete for centuries, and I am unaware of it ever being undergone by a non-Vulcan.

::The First Officer straightened in her seat, the Vulcan taking a sip from his Spice tea as she asked...::

Riley: What does the process involve?

Salak: I know little of the ceremony; It is performed by elders and its recipients have no memory of either the repressed incident or the performing of the Fullara afterwards. Memory of the Ceremony would allow knowledge of a repressed memory and such could allow it to resurface.

Riley: Why did the procedure become obsolete?

Salak: The development of our emotional control has led to a reduced number of situations where such a ceremony is required.

Riley: Wouldn't it be dangerous to a non-Vulcan though?

Salak: I do not have enough information as to pass a judgement on the safety implications

Riley: hmmmm.....

Salak: ...however the ceremony was designed for Vulcans. The surfacing of a repressed memory can be fatal to a Vulcan, I am unsure as to the risks involved to any member of another species. I'm an Engineer, Commander, not a Doctor...

Riley: ::Laughs softly.:: This I know Lieutenant...

Salak: If it is what you wish, I shall try and enquire about the Fullara. However, I can suggest that despite the risks of a Mind Meld, it would provide a better picture as to what is most appropriate for you and would instill an increased level of Vulcan discipline for any ritual ceremony.

Riley: I don't know...I'm not sure

::Sidney leaned on her arm slightly as it rested against the table.::

Salak: It would be useful to guage whether such an extreme measure as the Fullara ritual is truly appropriate, and may even provide what you are looking for in itself.

Riley: Aren't there dangers in a mind meld as well for a human?

Salak: Affirmative, the strength of Vulcan emotions can be overwhelming. Pressure changes can also aggravate any existing medical conditions. In addition, We would both leave an impression upon each others mind. I'd see into your mind as much as you can see into mine.

Riley: What about Deltans? I am one eighth Deltan....

Salak: I am not aware of any instances of a mind meld with a Deltan, and thus can not be certain if such would have any additional effects.

::Sidney sat back in the chair and crossed her arms. Salak took another sip from his Spice Tea, the cup nearly empty now.::

Riley: I think I'd like have some time to think about a mind meld...

Salak: Such is understandable...

Riley: How about I give you a response when we arrive at DS 17?

Salak: Indeed. If you require longer, than do take the time you need to reach a decision...

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