SIM:Lt. Salak: A Dream or a Memory?

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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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((Main Engineering, USS Tiger))

:: The pain resonated through the young Vulcans body, the shot had been excruciating. The familiar walls blurred, vanishing from view as they were replaced by a place he'd seen once before, a place he'd visited when he'd been unconscious after a Jefferies Tube accident over two years previously::

::The suns shone brightly overhead, their strong rays baking the desert around him as Salak looked upon the temple. The same Vulcan text was upon the walls, but something seemed different. Amongst the swirling sand, he could hear the faint echoes of voices from within.::

Priest: Kashkau, wuhkuh eh teretuhr; Estuhn wi ri estuhn, K'wuhli wi ri k'wuhli

(Translation: Our minds, one and together; touching yet not touching, apart yet never apart)

::The voices were clearer, coming from the chamber just a few metres away. Salak peered briefly around the corner then listened to the gathered; a Vulcan Priest, melding with two Vulcan youths whom seemed accompanied by their respective families. It all seemed so familiar, yet so remote at the same time. A niggling doubt entered his mind, had he been here before only in dream?::

Young Male: Estuhn wi ri estuhn, K'wuhli wi ri k'wuhli

(Translation: Touching yet not touching, apart yet never apart)

Young Female: Estuhn wi ri estuhn, K'wuhli wi ri k'wuhli

(Translation: Touching yet not touching, apart yet never apart)

::Salak watched as the link was broken, the three minds seperated as the ceremony concluded. He recognised it, the ceremony was a key part of Vulcan society, yet he struggled to remember his own... How come? Why? Had he even been through it, given his upbringing on Andor?::

Priest: ...sochya eh dif

(Translation: ...Peace and long life)

Both Young Vulcans: Dif-tor heh smusma

(Translation: Live long and prosper)

::The glow of lamps filled the room, the two young Vulcans, each perhaps 7 years old, elegantly dressed in fine robes. Salak peered once more, the young male's mother holding a newborn baby. She seemed so familiar, for good reason. It was then that the young males father spoke; his father... Vorak. Was Salak's mind playing tricks, or was this a memory?::


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