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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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Follows immediately on from A Vision?.

((Sickbay, DS17))

::Salaks' vision went black once more... the sound had stopped. A dim light cast a subtle illumination over a mysterious face hanging over him, silhouettes and shadows masking the majority of the face from view.::

::The dark figure of a hand swept across the top of the face, the lighting and his vision too poor for him to recognise any of the specific features. Salak felt something brush over his own forehead as he tried to recognise them. The person then spoke, giving him an idea as to their identity...::

Riley: Mr. Salak? Can you hear me?

Salak: T'... T'Pel...?

::The voice was familiar, feminine, she sounded so like his sister, in the poor light he could not be sure though... the apparent emotion was so characteristic of her... His thoughts wondered as she continued, only half hearing what she said next...::

Riley: Just relax. It's going to be ok... focus on your breathing. I'm going to leave Ensign Wittburn with you while I find out what is going on.

::The young woman turned away, another figure talking to her... was his sister in trouble for being here? He tried to get the attention of the figures talking to his sister...::

Salak: She... T'Pel...

::...he had no luck. His sister disappeared into the shadows, another figure replacing her by his bed side. This figures face was masked as well, hidden by shadows as T'Pels had been... Who was this new figure?::

::They were not alone. A third figure joined them; one similar to the person who had been telling his sister off. Salak saw the silhouette of their ear, distinctively Vulcan in appearence, as the figure moved their hand over his forehead. The hand was swiftly replaced by something else, a different texture and far colder...::

Wittburn: Mr. Salak? Can you hear me?

::He knew that voice, he could not see his face... he just couldn't put a name to it...::

Salak: I... can...

Wittburn: What is your assessment of his condition Ensign?

T'Raene: His condition is not good, however it has stabilised. I do not think his health will worsen but he requires aid and above all time to recover.

::Time... a luxury they didn't have... the engineering department needed as many hands as it could get right now, he had to try and get discharged, even if he wasn't at his best, medically...::

Salak: We... don't...

::Salak couldn't complete his sentence, Wittburn speaking as Salak still struggled to get the words out...::

Wittburn: It will be ok Lieutenant.

::The man rested his hand on the Vulcan's shoulder in a futile attempt to reassure him...::

Salak: No... time...

::Salak's words fell on deaf ears, the mans attention already upon the Vulcan woman with them. The two talked next to where Salak lay...::

T'Raene: Vulcans are tougher than terrans, they can withstand a great deal given time to recover.

Wittburn: All I know is they'd better hurry up and give us some power up here or...

T'Raene: Or recovery will take a great deal longer than expected and we may have some difficulty in having him operational prior to the radiation wave.

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