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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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This sim follows directly on from A Dream or a Memory?

((Salak's Mind; Main Engineering, USS Tiger))

::Vorak... his father? It all seemed so sombre; so unreal, yet somehow real at the same time. Familiar, yet unfamiliar. The same question remained; a dream, or a memory? Hope or reality?::

::Having ducked back around the corner, Salak thought himself safely away from everyone. He walked between the inscribed walls, back beyond the walls of the temple and under the suns as he gazed across The Forge. It was a view he saw so rarely, one he had only seen in person a handful of times; the rocky, barren landscape stetching as far as his eyes could see.::

::He admired the view, so different from those he was accustomed to, though his admiration was hidden from any possible onlookers. A sun was setting over the landscape as Salak felt a tap upon his left shoulder, the one nearest to the temple entrance.::

::He turned, greeted by a young woman, seemingly in her late teens. She seemed familiar in the brief instant that Salak saw her, yet he knew nothing about her; where he knew her from, nor her name. A brief instant? She slapped the Officer, Salak falling to the ground. It was not a characteristic he knew amongst any Vulcans, including her somehow...::

((Main Engineering, USS Tiger))

::The slap hadn't awoken him, the Reaper kicking him to try and stir their captive. The Lieutenants outer eyelids moved slightly, the pain still lingering throughout his body as he began to regain consciousness. The temple had vanished from view, his vision fading almost totally to black.::

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