SIM:Ensign Salak: Luck or Mechanics?

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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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((Bridge, USS Wallace))

::While the Bridge crew worked on their various assignments, an alarm sounded from the Engineering console::

Kare'en: Mr. Salak?

Salak: Slight discrepancy in one of the Port conduits. Rerouting power through a secondary conduit to compensate.

Kare'en: Due to the sensor modifications?

Salak: It was anticipated Sir. We're going over protocols to ensure it doesn't hinder the operation of other systems also, but the conduits are almost at full output. They may well need replacing when we get back to dock at current rate, but they should hold up for the time being.

Kare'en: Very good. Anything we can do at the moment to keep down the wear and tear on the systems?

Salak: We're already reinforcing the conduit walls with containment force fields and using the backup conduits to 'lighten the load'. I don't think we can do much more without completely replacing them.

Kare'en: Keep an eye on the conduits and let me know if any further difficulties develop. With any luck, we'll find the P'Kothla soon and be back to DS17 without too much damage.

Salak: ::In typical Vulcan fashion:: The vessels whereabouts is determined by the ships crew or damage to it's systems causing it to float in a particular direction due to an imbalance on the forces acting upon it. With respect, it's a matter of basic Mechanics, rather than our luck, as to if the ship is nearer to us or not.

Kare'en: How long should it take to add the tracer to our scans?

Salak: It shouldn't take very long, the main problem will be the power supply, but the engineering teams seem to know the conduits 'inside out and back to front' after the grid work. We can probably have it done within half an hour.

Kare'en: Keep me informed, Ensign.

Salak: Aye Sir.

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