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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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((FTS P'Kothla - Engine Room))

Salak: =/\= Anyone close to the briefing room should evacuate immediately, there is an imminent hull breach in it's vicinity. =/\=

Storos: =/\= Right now it is only a handful of Security in the area, checking for lost or trapped survivors. But I will give the order for them to draw back. What is happening, Ensign? =/\=

Salak: =/\= It's a localised SIF failure, Too far in progress for me to prevent, and I don't have the equipment to put a containment forcefield in place from down here. The hull is at it's weakest at that location. How long does everybody need? =/\=

Storos: =/\= I suppose that would depend on the size of the hull breach. What would be a safe perimeter? =/\=

Salak: =/\= We're going to lose at least the briefing room and it's neighbouring compartments. At least 10 metres of the hull will go, possibly as much as 20. I can hold it for possibly 3 minutes =/\=

Storos: =/\= I see. I will draw our people back. Thank you, Ensign. =/\=

Salak: ::Remembering his time at the acadamy:: =/\= You're... Welcome =/\=

((Timewarp - 80 minutes))

::As Storos entered the engine room, Salak was poking around at wires below a terminal::

Storos: How proceeds the work, Ensign?

Salak: Not well... ::sparks fly:: I'm struggling to hold her together.

Storos: ::slight smile:: While I know Commander Kare'en to be a very lenient man in many regards, when it comes to the safety of the people under his command... He is going to insist on... punctuality here...

::A bulkhead creaked::

Salak: ::attempting humour:: Well the ship is likely to be punctual...

Storos: I have no doubt about it. ::pause:: We are running out of time, Ensign.

Salak: Can you get the Transporter Chief to beam the others back, we're going to fall apart soon, and we'd better start evac now if... ::another bulkhead creaked, and a panel fell off the wall:: ...everyone's getting out.

Storos: Everyone is getting out. I will make the arrangements.

::Salak continued to rewire power to the SIF, but a claxon went off on the terminal above him... he brushed his head on the console as he pulled out to see what else was going wrong::

Salak: Storos, we're losing the core... We need to get everyone out now...

::Storos looked over as the swirling light of the transporter beamed off the last of his team from the engine room.::

Storos: Just you and I are left. What is the situation?

Salak: If I reduce power, we have an SIF failure and the ship falls apart. If I maintain power, we have a Warp Core breach and the Ship implodes. Kobayashi Maru.

Storos: It is time to go home, Ensign. You did the best you could.

Salak: =/\= Salak to the Wallace =/\=

Kare'en: =/\= Go ahead, Mr. Salak. What is the situation? =/\=

Salak: =/\= The P'Kothla's about to blow, just a matter of an SIF failure or a Warp Core breach now, nothing I can do. =/\=

Kare'en: =/\= Understood. We're pulling you out. Everyone else from our ship is already onboard. Once you're aboard, we're hitting maximum warp... See you once you're home, Ensign. =/\=

::Salak frantically hit a few buttons, trying to maintain the core before he was torn away by a transporter beam... ::

((USS Wallace - Transporter Room 2))

::Salak walked off the transporter pad, the Chief in front of him and Storos beside him... He was home again, but there were more pressing matters to attend to than a bit of home sickness... Salak started to move towards the door and a turbolift to the Bridge::

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