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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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((Main Engineering, Deck 16, USS Independence))

Salak: =/\= Salak to the Bridge, are the FT... =/\=

::Salak's sentence was brought to an abrupt halt, prematurely punctuated by a large thump upon the door behind him. It had buckled under the force of the hit, a large dent just right of centre evidently created from the other side... another thump made a crewman opposite Salak jump, his own eyebrow rising in curiousity. He drew his phaser, just to be sure and stood back from the door...::

Walker: =/\= Mr. Salak? Mr. Salak, what is your situation? =/\=

::Salak didn't reply... he couldn't reply. The door lying on the floor in front of him meant that the comm channel was not at the top of Salak's agenda. All eyes were upon the large reptile in the doorway, gradually moving towards the crewman who was still focused upon the console in front of him; monitoring the Environmental systems.::

::Everyone else in the room had backed off, the Gorn grabbing the young man by the neck and lifting him into the air. A nasty, cracking sound echoed around the room as the Gorn closed his fist, crushing the neck of his victim and killing him before hurling him straight at the Vulcan opposite him.::

::Salak pulled his hand away from the console beside him... he hadn't the time to get the forcefield up as the Gorn started to move towards him... his colleagues had backed off far further now, some crouched in corners hiding. The Gorn slowed slightly, Salak's eyelids drew heavy as he continued to back off, lifting his phaser again.::

::Salak pulled the trigger, hoping that the heavy stun would knock the Gorn out; his shot flying past the Gorn and into the transparent aluminium window of his office beyond. A large crack formed within the pane before it shattered, the high note grabbing Salak's attention and briefly waking him again. Why was he so tired!?::

::The Vulcan tried to look around, the Gorn stumbling over the MSD table and into Salak as he did so. The Engineer was thrown to the floor by the impact, but noticed a gas pouring into the room as he lay there... Who'd given that or...::

::The Gorn slashed against the Vulcans chest, green blood pouring onto his uniform through the large deep cuts... That was the last Salak saw as he fell asleep, the Gorn weak above him and close to collapse himself...::

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