SIM:Independence-A Promotion Ceremony 238501.23

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Preceeded immediately by Independence-A Award Ceremony 238501.18.

((Flight Deck; Ursa Major))

:: The two men from the Ursa Major had barely returned to their seats before she continues. ::

Anassasi: Ensign Sharpe, please step forward.

::Another tall Terran rises from the crowd to join her on the stage. Jessa smiles before stepping forward to greet him. ::

Anassasi: Ensign Sharpe. You have constantly worked to protect and guard this crew. Your efforts to ensure their safety have not gone unnoticed. It is a pleasure to here by promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

::Placing the black half-pip on his collar, she takes a half-step back before giving him a congratulatory smile along with her hand. ::

Anassasi: Congratulations, Mr. Sharpe!

::She waits for him to resume his seat before continuing. Next to her Byron prepares the last of the promotions. ::

Anassasi: Lieutenants Salak and Satscher, please step forward.

::The Vulcan and Bukvan step forward together. Ascending the short stairs, they meet her near the podium. ::

Anassasi: Lieutenant Junior Grade Salak. You have been with this fleet for the better part of four years. In that time, you have served under the command of Captain Kare'en, Captain Mar, as well as myself. You have a long history in this region, yet have gone unrecognized in recent history. Today, I plan to change that.

::Stepping forward, Jessa removes the black half-pip depositing it in Pratt's hand in exchange for the solid gold pip. Fumbling slightly, she nearly drops the pip before finally attaching it to his collar. ::

Anassasi: It is with pleasure that I here by promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant. Congratulations, Lieutenant Salak.

::Stepping back, she raises a hand instead of offering it Terran fashion. Moving one step to the side, Jessa addresses the petite woman who had served on her ship for nearly a year. ::

Anassasi: Lieutenant Junior Grade Satscher. It is a pleasure to welcome you back to the crew of the USS Independence. It is our hope that you return with experiences to share with our staff and your friends. It is a pleasure to promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant.

::For the first time during the ceremony, the Admiral does not have to reach or stretch to place the rank insignia upon a collar. Removing the black half-pip, she reattaches a new solid gold pip to the woman's collar. Stepping back, she smiles before offering her hand. ::

Anassasi: Congratulations, Lieutenant Satscher!

::Jessa pauses only briefly before continuing on. ::

Anassasi: This concludes our ceremony, Ladies and Gentlemen. There are refreshments and party rooms reserved on Deck 10 and 11 courtesy of Captain Lancaster. Before we depart, let's have a big round of applause for your fellow crew mates.

::A burst of cheering rises from the deck. Outside the open shuttle bay doors, a pair of F-150's flies by, setting the void ablaze with color. Another cheer rises from the floor, as the fighter's give a second pass. Once more the wing passes by before turning back to the Ronin. All around the deck, the celebration finally begins. ::