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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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Very little of Salak's medical records before his enrolment in Starfleet are available, and the Vulcan officer is not forthcoming with specifics. It is not on record whether Salak had gone through the Pon Farr before the academy, or suffered any illness in his youth on Andoria.

His medical history during his time in Starfleet is well documented however, but is so far a fairly quiet file. Salak is not a regular visitor to sickbay and has a history of needing to be chased to attend Physicals. He rarely visits in cases of minor injury, citing reasons of logic.


Summary Table

Medical History Summary
Stardate Posting Medical Officer Cause for Admittance/Injury Treatment/Medicines (Dosage)
238212.28 Deep Space 17 Dr. S. A. Riley  * Cut on left shoulder  * Untreated (Did not attend)
238303.15 Deep Space 17 Dr. S. A. Riley  * 2nd degree plasma burns
 * Breathing problems
 * Heart failure
 * Dermal Regeneration
 * Anabolic Protoplases
 * Rest
238304.24 USS Independence Dr. D. Jackson  * Physical  * None
238307.27 USS Independence Dr. S. A. Riley  * Deep cuts
 * Severe blood loss
 * Blood transfusion
 * Dermal Regenerator
238311.17 Deep Space 17 Dr. I. M. Royce  * Broken left wrist
 * Dislocated right shoulder
 * Surgery
 * Rest
238501.13 USS Phoenix-C Dr. S. D. Falco  * Slight burns
 * Scalding
 * Untreated (Did not attend)
238507.14 USS Tiger Dr. V. M. Satscher  * Severe Pain
   (shot with phase weapon)
 * Concussion
 * Dermal Regenerator
 * Cortical Stimulator
238508.04 USS Tiger Dr. V. M. Satscher  (in addition to above)
 * Resurfacing Memories
 * Counselling
 * Cortical Monitor

Incident Records


A few weeks before this date, a loose piece of metal cut Salak's left shoulder during maintenance work. Did not attend sickbay on this occasion.


An EPS Conduit ruptures in a Jefferies Tube which Salak is working in. Multiple second degree plasma burns and breathing problems. Hospitalised for several days of Dermal Regeneration and Anabolic Protoplases. Heart stopped on at least one occasion due to oxygen deprivation.


Large cuts to the Chest after being attacked by a Gorn. Severe loss of blood required blood transplant from mother.


Slight burns from a plasma fire from an EPS Tap. Scalding from the hot Jefferies Tube hatch trying to escape.

238507.14 and 238508.04

Taken captive with dagger to throat by Reapers in Engineering, USS Tiger: concussion due to shot from phased enegry weapon; multiple vision, ringing ears, poor balance. Possible rib damage due to kick to waist. Held by neck against bulkhead, suspended off ground; possible damage to neck. Swiped at with a dagger that passed through him out of phase with our universe, but seemingly caused no injury. Repressed memories resurfacing. Possible psychological trauma due to resurfacing memories and experiences.