Titan of Dusk (Astraeus)

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Titan of Dusk

  • Stardate 239607 - 239608


As the crew from the Montreal gets to know their new ship, and serve with new crewmembers, they are dispatched on a shakedown cruise to Bajor. Even now, 21 years after the war, there are still tensions over the fate of some Bajorans. Tensions that the Astraeus needs to investigate and resolve before a new conflict can ignite.


With the refit of the USS Astraeus complete, Captain Mei'konda directed the ship to leave to Bajor, formally relaunching the ship after the events of Stardate 239501, when the Astraeus was stranded in the Shoals[1]. This mission was initially intended to be to address complaints made by the Bajoran and Cardassian governments.[2]En route, they discovered up to 51 people were still considered missing[footnotes 1], and they also needed to take on provisions for a longer trip.[3]. With several departments discussing what they would need to find out what was going on, in hopes of finding the missing people, they arrived at the Bajor system, only to encounter a buoy that sent them a burst of information that was all about the Cardassian government. The scariest part about this was the fact that it had been placed within a half million kilometers of the Astraeus's deceleration from warp speed into the system. [4].

Upon arrival at DS9, they met the Bajoran represenative, Minister Dalen Martov, who knew Riley Delar from the Occupation. Also, a reporter from the FNS boarded at this time.[5][6]. During this meeting, the remnants of the buoy were beamed onto the ship and examined by the engineering staff. They discovered that it had been made from multiple different components - several Bajoran, some Cardassian. Miskre Swenhart noticed there were pheromones emanating from the assembly, as well. One theory was that the buoy was created to destroy someone in a trap, although it's behavior towards the Astraeus argued otherwise[7][8][9]. While they were on boarding personnel and materials, the medical staff were attempting to work on what they would need to treat[10][11][12], while the science staff began to think of possible problems. One was potentially Kalla-Nohra Syndrome.[13]

Meanwhile, on Cardassia, Tel-ar was arrested after complaints that he committed multiple murders.[14] During this time, several new officers boarded the ship - such as Ensign Awatto[15], Ev Hathur[16], Ensign Wright[17], Ensign Wrader[18] and Lieutenant Junior Grade Melody Delri'ise[19]

On the way to Cardassia, the Astraeus intercepted a distress call from a Cusan Esal from an unknown location. Stressing the new engine all the way up to Warp 13, the Astraeus diverted course[20]. This system was AR-2301,[21]. An away team of Commanders Riley and Solok, Lieutenants Shin and Hamasaki, and Ensigns Sirk, Sotak and Hathur were dispatched to investigate, rescue if possible, and place transporter enhancers on the surface[22]. It was then that they discovered this base had subspace weaponry, and only a micro warp jump saw the away team land safely.[23][footnotes 2]. These weaponry were typically used by the Son'a, and soon the ship itself was under attack.[24]

A firefight ensued with the shuttle crew being ambushed by the guards assigned to the prison, and Hamasaki shot in the leg[25]. The away team eventually came up with the idea of using a phaser set to overload as a grenade to defeat the ambush[26]. During this, Dr. Solok discovered an interesting fact - they were hybrids deliberately engineered to be so.[27][footnotes 3] While multiple rescue attempts were considered, the scattering of tetryon particles for the Son'a ship made this a difficult proposition, until the Captain decided that with the Son'a reinforcements incoming, they had a limited time window and would just beam the prisoners and away team on board.[28][footnotes 4].

While the prisoners were being beamed aboard, the warden was sent to the brig to be interrogated by Ensign Wrader and Commander Rosek.[29][30]. During the treatment of the Bajoran prisoners, it was revealed they had been sold off as slaves[31]. After the exchange of prisoners and then the Bajorans returned home to Bajor, the Astraeus departed for the rim of the galaxy...[32]


Also Appearing


  • Warden Thraen Khamar - warden of the Son'a/Cardassian prison compound, turned over to the Cardassian Union at the end of the mission.
  • Minister Dalen Martov - Bajoran Minister of Trade.
  • Lixa Dansha - FNS Reporter
  • Dusa & Kudsa - Two Cardassian Justice Officers, arrested after being exposed as agents of a conspiracy
  • Lieutenant Lina - JAG Officer, assigned to the Cardassian Embassy
  • Ambassador Mali Deeye - Ambassador to Cardassia. Dismissed from Cardassia, under guard
  • Captain Cusan Enel - Bajoran Prisoner on the prison installation, rescued by
  • Getear Par - Agent of the Detapa Council
  • Garheç Git Hujad - Cardassian prison guard


  1. This tallied with the Select Committee on Bajoran Returnees's results. As this Committee had been folded back into the Commission of Abducted Citizens in 2394, they were unable to investigate.
  2. For more information on the weapon, see The Jelly Bean Launcher (An investigation into polarion-antiproton burst launchers)
  3. Starfleet Medical is still investigating this, so is the Cardassian Ministry of Health. No conclusions are in sight as of 239609.
  4. Analysis seems to indicate that the ships had a passive form of stealth that boosted the effectiveness of dark nebula in blocking most sensors


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