The Sandbox of Men (USS Oumuamua)

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The Sandbox of Men: Mission Start

First Officer, Commander Etan

First Officer’s Log, Stardate 240010.16.

Despite the recent changes aboard the ‘Oumuamua- and Lieutenant Kessler’s… uncertain status- life must go on, whether we want it to or not. Adjusting to the new status quo must happen- as humans are fond of saying- happen ‘on the job’. While we will not forget our former colleagues or give up searching for our missing officer- if he is out there- the ‘Oumuamua has arrived at Alpha Brenkelvi II, an uninhabited M-Class planet on the fringes of the Obatta Cluster.

We have been brought to this distant world by data collected- in part- by our former Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Kel, whose scans of the region pointed to the presence of ruins and data from our Long Range Multispatial Probes have corroborated this- and have identified that some of the ruins are over 60,000 years old. Our mission is exploration and discovery: to survey this uncharted world and discern what happened to the civilization that once called this idyllic world home here. On a personal note, as an archaeologist and anthropologist, this mission presents a unique opportunity to hone my skills.

‘Oumuamua has arrived in orbit, and final preparations for the planetary and archaeological surveys are complete. Lieutenant Commander Katsim will lead an away team to the ruins of what appears to have been Alpha Brenklevi II’s largest city in order to learn more about its inhabitants. She will have support from Counselor Brodie, Lieutenant Promontory, and Ensign Tyber- all of whom have excellent analytical eyes.

Meanwhile, I will take a team to investigate a strange low-level energy field that seems to permeate an area approximately sixty kilometres north of the city. Intriguingly, the field does not always register on sensors- nor can we discern its dimensions. It is as though it is- and is not there. Joining me are Lieutenants Herrick and Arlill, and 2nd Lieutenant Maxwell.

Commodore V’Airu will remain in command of the ‘Oumuamua, with Lieutenants Sherlock and Toz, Captain Winters, and Ensign Nilsen also aboard. They will provide logistical support from orbit, liaising with both teams on the ground to ensure our mission goes smoothly.

Or as smoothly as things go with our crew.

Act I

Ancient Ruins of Alpha Brenkelvi II

The crew of the USS 'Oumuamua find themselves deployed on an expeditionary mission to a system whose inhabitance have since all but disappeared. All that remains of this once prosperous civilization is the ruins they've been sent to investigate. Two away teams are deployed to sites in and just north of the ancient cities to investigate an unidentifiable energy source. Team A, led by Peri Katsim with Tyber, Alex Brodie, and Avander Promontory, find ruins that soon close them in after a mudslide seals the entrance of the already precarious structure. Team B, led by Etan Iljor along with Toxin Arlill, Arturo Maxwell, and Josh Herrick, land just north of the city, investigates the ruins they've discovered to find an explorer long since deceased and an Orb of unexplained origins.

Meanwhile on the mighty 'Oumuamua, our ship-side heroes, including a bridge currently consisting of Aine Sherlock, Lhandon Nilsen, Elijah Kovacs, and Michele Winters, patrol the skies providing overwatch to their comrades below. It's not long, however, before they find themselves in a precarious position, their commodore is silent, their ship is hurt, and their away teams are silent.

Act II