Salzaar Valys

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USS Constitution-B
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Salzaar Valys
Position Trade Representative
Rank Civilian
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 235208.11
Age 45
Birthplace Dekoa, Betazed

Salzaar Valys is currently serving as a Representative of the UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau with an office located aboard the USS Constitution-B

Personal Characteristics

  • Height: 1.81m
  • Weight: 79kg
  • Hair: Blonde with some grey
  • Eyes: Black
  • Appearance: A conservative man, he keeps his hair neat, and his clothes functional and non-descript.


Salzaar is a Betazoid male, and that meant his culturally expected lot in life was to take on the role of a minor functionary or bureaucrat (at best) under the shadow of the traditional matriarchy. He had the sense of purpose and self to extricate himself from his home and culture and seek his place in the larger galaxy. He is usually willing to take on almost any role, as he has already accomplished more than he would have on his homeworld. Thanks to his close association with his assistant, Tenna Kyd, Salzaar has recently discovered a mote of ambition in himself and has redoubled his efforts to make a positive impact wherever he goes.

Genuine and optimistic, Salzaar is passionate about what he brings to the table. He can become bogged down in the minutia, which can make him dull at a party if he's left to talk too much, but Tenna is usually quick to come to his aid. Unlike many brash Betazoids, Salzaar attempts to keep his telepathy as unobtrusive as possible, preferring to negotiate honestly and without gleaning more than the strongest surface emotions. His species can work against him among more suspicious people who assume all Betazoids are reading their thoughts at all times.


Born in the city of Dekoa, Salzaar was the fourth born, and second son in his family. His mother wished him all the best and had him enrolled in a special academy for men with the intent of securing him a position as an attache or an aide to a prominent woman of influence. Salzaar, who was always reading about the outside world, decided that a life of servitude under old ideals while appealing to some, was not what he desired in life. He booked passage off-world as soon as he was of age even though it cost him his relationship with his immediate family. He wandered the quadrant for several years trying to find a place for himself. He tried careers as a deckhand on freighters, as a longshoreman at a cargo port, as a gas miner in the upper reaches of a volatile gas giant, and eventually as a clerk for a minor commercial enterprise. He discovered enjoyment in the art of trade, especially between economies that were post-scarcity. He found pleasure in the exchange of less tangible things such as research, intellectual property, and stellar charts. He also relished the opportunity to match wits with others who had grown up in the movement of goods for the exchange of other goods. Currency might have been an abstract construct in the Federation, but goods needed to flow and Salzaar became quite proficient at making that flow happen.

It was at the age of 27 when Salzaar found his way to Earth and the heart of Federation bureaucracy. With some glowing references in hand, he found himself inducted into the lowest echelon of the behemoth of the United Federation of Planets Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau. It took years of hard work, but he clawed his way slowly up the ladder of progression through sheer force of determination and hard work. He faced stiff competition from much better educated, younger peers but he continued until reaching his current position as a junior trade representative. For the first time he had the autonomy to create and manage beneficial economic relationships in his area of responsibility. Admittedly that area was about as far from the core as one could get but he was willing to take on the challenge and show that no circumstance could stop him from doing what he was born to do.