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Adam William Haase.png
Adam William Haase
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 235911.17
Age 41
Birthplace Rinones (Suburb of Rixx), Betazed

Medical Records - Academy Transcript Starfleet Identification - Sim Archive Psychological Record

Stats & Appearance

  • Full Name: Adam William Haase
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Date of Birth: 235911.17
  • Place of Birth: Rinones, Betazed
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Telepathic status: T4, E4 Telepathic/Empathic Scale
  • Height: 1.8 Meters
  • Weight: 82 Kilograms
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Age: 41
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Build: Muscular, and slim - constantly weight-lifting
  • Carriage:Leans against walls, bulkheads - yet always returns to attention around a commanding officer.
  • Handedness: Right
Adam is telepathic

Adam lifts weights


  • Favorite Room: Main Engineering
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Seventh-day Adventist (although seemingly outdated, Adam still faithfully follows the tradition of this religion)
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Holodeck training, jogging, weight-lifting, and drawing.
  • Likes: Chocolate, cheesecake, paper airplanes, transporters, warp engines, tofu, carrot cake, koalas, and the color blue.
  • Dislikes: White chocolate, cream cheese, shuttle pods, paper-pushing beaurocrats.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To one day become the captain of a Dakota class vessel.
  • Achievements in Life: Promotion to Lt.JG, as well a an internship at the Daystrom institute.
  • Disappointments in Life: Crushed leg, fighting parents.
  • Temperament: Well tempered, but easily irritable. Sometimes extremely quiet.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): None
  • Physical Limitations: None at this time.

Adam loves Cheesecake


Adam enjoys to study Warp technology
Adam is a strong willed yet mild mannered man who has a great deal of respect for order. Having a long family history in diplomacy he has a deep regard for other cultures and their feelings. Although this has not always been so, Adam is a studious man who is consumed with technology. When not socializing with his close carefully selected friends, he spends his time solving the many technological problems of his time.
Adam reads the Human Bible - a holy compilation of books

Having enrolled in star-fleet courses that should deflect him from becoming a diplomat as was family tradition he cringes at the thought of his parents contacting him for fear of them ruining his carefully crafted reputation. His deep studies and ingenious solutions sometimes leave his colleagues to believe that he is cocky and self important. This is something he will have to overcome if he wishes to advance in his career and personal life.

As a deeply religious man Adam holds fast to his belief as a Seventh-Day Adventist. Although he is in the minority he holds the Bible as his standard of living and eagerly awaits the second coming of Jesus Christ. Although he doesn't consider himself much a ladies man he pursues a relationship with his friend Mary Fenelli.


Personal History

Adam William Haase was born in the small town of Rinones, a small suburb of Rixx. Born to parents who had long sought a child, he grew up in a home where he was pampered and cared for. His mother, an important city official, was rarely home to take care of him, although her intentions were always the best when she was available. His father, on the other hand, remained home quite often, although business trips took him from the home every few months. Because of this, Adam spent most of his time with either his father or a "watcher" as they called them in his community. These watchers rotated on a monthly basis, and because of this Adam never made any lasting relations with any of them.

This inability to form a relationship stunted Adam when he entered school. He was shy, unwilling to talk, and ignored many questions when asked. Yet, he miraculously excelled in assessments and vocabulary development, which he kept concealed in a notebook which he carried with him.


Gifted and Talented Program
But by the age of 9, Adam's true potential was unlocked. He moved into the gifted and talented program, and was learning advanced calculus by the age of 10. He continued to increase in his studies, and lessened in the ways of the juvenile. He began to win awards, invitations to the government parties, and best of all - a scholarship to Starfleet Academy when he reached the age of 18. It was now or never. Both of his parents constantly argued regarding Adam's future. His father desperately wanted him to become a doctor and remain on Betazed, and his mother wished for him to become a Diplomat and represent the planet. But Adam had no desire for either of those lifestyles. Instead, he enrolled (against his parent's wishes) into the Starfleet Engineering and HCO programs, which he double-majored.

By the third year, DeAngelica (Adam's mother) had enough. She attempted to remove Adam from Starfleet, and tarnish his reputation by sending vicious communiques to various teachers. But it wasn't enough. Adam persevered and fought his mother off - finally graduating in the 94th percentile of his class. True, he wasn't valedictorian, but he was happy just to be where he was.

By the age of 22 Adam had applied for an internship at the Daystrom Institute, where he was accepted. There he remained for a year before applying and being accepted at the Vulcan Science Academy. After another 4 years and another double major, he received his degree in Advanced Spacial Theory and Warp Propulsion, with his doctoral theses in Subspace Harmonics and Radiation and The Effects of Warp Fields in a Subspace Environment.

Now, it was time. In 2391, Adam applied for and accepted a position on the Lunar One Outpost just off of Earth. He served as the lead Engineer for a year before being transferred to the USS Atlantis.

Adam's Telepathy has been enhanced
Being transferred to an Intrepid class starship was a dream come true. The thought of finally soaring through the heavens was absolutely gratifying. Immediately he became involved in normal ship function, working under his chief, Lt. Gardener. Her expertise helped to mold Adam, helped him to grow. It was at that point the fleet was ordered to investigate a the Prometheus Incident. The Atlantis was assigned to Outpost Bravo to determine why it had gone silent. Unbeknownst to Adam, this away mission would change his life forever. The planet was falling apart, and Adam was assigned to an away team to survey the damage, and grab any survivors if possible. During this time, Adam became infected with a parasitic beetle which initially disrupted his telepathy, causing him to lose mental awareness. Adam was cured, of course, but when healed began to possess an advanced perception, one that allows him to see beyond the words an images - allowing him to know anything associated with them. Although odd, Adam has come to accept his new abilities. He attempts to keep this hidden, as it tends to lead others to suspicion.

Just recently (239207.14), Adam was transferred to the USS Gorkon.

Mini Timeline

  • 2359: Born in Rinones, planet Betazed
  • 2366: Leg Crushed - Rehabilitation Took Place
  • 2379: Applied to Starfleet Academy
  • 2383: Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
  • 2383: Applied and accepted internship at Daystrom Institute
  • 2386: Applied to Vulcan Science Academy
  • 2390: Graduated from Vulcan Science Academy
  • 2391: Posted to Lunar outpost 1
  • 2392: Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
  • 2392: Posted aboard the USS Atlantis
  • 2392: Transferred to the USS Gorkon
Adam interned at the Daystrom Institute
Adam received a degree from the Vulcan Science Academy
Adam attended Starfleet Academy

Working Areas

Duty Posts Served

Holographic Programs Archive

None Yet! Just wait....Adam will blow your socks off!

Sim Archive

Full Sim Archive Favorite Sim Archive Full Sim Archive
Stardate Sim Name Important Tags
239208.03 Replacement Haase, Gardener
Approx. 239207.14 Life's Plagues Haase
239207.18 Gym Time! Haase, Chen



Adam came from a somewhat split household. Although his parents were in an amazing relationship, his mother was often gone to diplomatic conventions, and his father was the one left with him. He and his father bonded over almost everything - except for subjects for study. Adam's father insisted that he join the Medical Corps of Starfleet, but that wasn't how Adam thought. After much deliberation and debate, he enrolled himself with a double major - neither of which was medical.

Adam also has a sister, Carolynn, who serves in the Betazed diplomatic corps. He and his sister are 6 years apart, but since they are the only two children in the family, they did their best to get along.

Personal Log

Adam Haase keeps a personal log that he occasionally writes in to tell the world how he feels.


Adam entered Starfleet Academy as a means of improving himself, as well as escaping the tight and strict household he grew up in. Coming from two parents who were split in galactic views, Adam decided that it might be the only way for him to get away from the discontent. Joining in 2379 - he finally received what he was hoping for. An escape from dictating parents, as well as a way to grow. He finally graduated in 2383, and decided that instead of immediately enrolling in Starfleet, he would apply for an internship at the Daystrom Institute, a possible way to grow even further.

Immediately after graduating in 2383 - Adam received the internship he'd been hoping for at the Daystrom Institute. There, he served for a year, and received practical training in the Engineering field.

In 2386, Adam was accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy, where he received his degrees in Advanced Warp Propulsion and Advanced Spacial Theory, and his doctorate degrees in Subspace Harmonics and Radiation & The Effects of Warp Fields in a Subspace Environment.

Adam hesitantly joined Starfleet after his studies were complete, and he was posted aboard the USS Atlantis as a replacement for the previous engineer. He served for over 6 months and made a few friends before abruptly being transferred to the USS Gorkon.

Memorable Officers

Combadgepng.png Raj Blueheart Combadgepng.png

Raj Blueheart

Captain Raj Blueheart was Adam's first captain. He inspired Adam to never give up, and to strive for the field of command.

Very serious, but non-dangerous

Combadgepng.png Gwen Gardener Combadgepng.png

Gwen Gardener

Gwen Gardener was a mentor, a friend, and a wonderful Chief Engineer. She will always live in the memory of Adam.


Combadgepng.png T'Var Helling Combadgepng.png

T'Var Helling

A recently made friend, T'Var is a humorous, exciting, and somewhat violent person to be around - and Adam enjoys her company very much.

Warning! This individual may be dangerous! Use caution when engaging, and watch for flying PADDs!

Combadgepng.png Mary Fenelli Combadgepng.png

Mary Fenelli

Adam was very attracted to Mary when they first met. Unfortunately, her injury and transfer to a new ship halted the growth of their relationship any further.

Happy, content, lovely

Combadgepng.png Chen Combadgepng.png


Adam had the pleasure of meeting Commander Chen in the gym, of all places. He was kind of embarrassed by the meeting, but he believes that with due time he could become good acquaintances or even friends.

Besides making Adam feel stupid and weak, Chen doesn't seem dangerous - yet!

Combadgepng.png Zinna Combadgepng.png


Adam served with Zinna aboard the USS Atlantis, and furthered their professional relationship when he was called in for a "conversation", which turned out to be much more than that. He trusts her with his private feelings and beliefs, and although they were never able to truly become friends due to a lack of time, he would confide anything in her.

Zinna knows more about Adam than anyone else. For this reason, Adam confides in her.

Awards & Commendations

Starfleet instructor.png Adam William Haase - Awards History Starfleet instructor.png
Community Awards

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Adam Haase
Engineer on the USS Gorkon.
  • Shy
  • Persevering
  • Intelligent
  • Responsible
7 4 6
Adam William Haase.png

Brief Medical & Psychological History

Combadgepng.png Medical / Psychological History Combadgepng.png
Doctor Stardate Medical / Psychological Report Facility Date of Recovery
Dr. Evelynn Voorhees 2366 Emergency Operation Rixx Medical Facility 2367
Dr. Drew Cookenmaster 2379 Pre-Academy Check-up San Francisco Medical Center Not Applicable
Dr. Christian Carter 2379 Pre-Academy Psyche Evaluation San Francisco Medical Center Not Applicable
Counselor Zinna 239207.05 First Counseling Session USS Atlantis Not Applicable

Professional History

Recently being assigned to the Gorkon, Adam hopes that he will live up to the standards that everyone holds him to, with hopes of adventure, and eventually his own captaincy.

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 238305.25 Graduated Starfleet Academy Engineer
Ensign 239101.01 - 239201.01 Lunar Outpost 1 Engineer
Lieutenant JG 239201.01 - 239207.14 USS Atlantis Engineer
Lieutenant JG 239207.14 - 239211.25 USS Gorkon Engineer
Civilian 239207.14 - Present Betazed Software Engineer