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Nursing Department

The study of nursing.

  • NURS101: Health Assessment & Promotion
    • An introductionary course into nursing, the science of patient care. Emphasis upon the principles of care plans, preliminary health assessment before medical diagnosis and nursing diagnosis. The system of nursing promotion & intervention is explained. Cadets are required to report a complete care plan of a hypothetical patient at the end of semester.
  • NURS120: Care for unconventional Species
    • A speciality course detailing the care of hostile or generally radical species, a need arising from Starfleet's promise to provide healthcare to all. Emphasis is laid on Borg and Species 8472.
  • NURS200: Pharmacotherapeutics
    • A course focusing on the field of pharmacotherapeutics, the use of medication in a patient's recovery. Emphasis is laid on the physical and mental interaction to medicine. Cadets are required to complete a test at 100% concerning medicine dosage math. Students are also required to fill in another care plan with correct medicine use.
  • NURS301: Adult & Elder Nursing 1
    • An introductory course detailing the care for mature and elderly people, a prime task in nursing. Cadets are meant to spend two months in a nursing home.
  • NURS302: Adult & Elder Nursing 2
    • Advanced course detailing the care for mature and elderly people with mental or physical chronic illness. Cadets are again meant to spend two months in a nursing house.
  • NURS310: Pediatric Nursing
    • A course detailing the care children in adolescent people. Cadets are meant to spend two months at a Pre-school or University nursery.
  • NURS320: Maternity Nursing
    • A course detailing the care of pregnant women, new-born babies, and newly mothers. Cadets are meant to spend two months at a mifwife or hospital, at the Obstetrics department.
  • NURS330: Acute Care Psychiatric Nursing
    • A course detailing the care for people with psychological illnesses, or for people with heavy injury requiring acute care. Cadets are meant to spend two months at the IC in a hospital, and two months in a psychiatric ward.
  • NURS401: Elective Clinical Placement 1
    • An elective course that involves the placement of Cadets at a hospital post. Emphasis on patient care.
  • NURS402: Elective Clinical Placement 2
    • An advanced elective where Cadets are posted at an intensive care post in a hospital.
  • NURS500: Leadership & Management in Nursing
    • A course about the working of personnel management and commanding roles within nursing corps. Emphasis is laid on initiative and showing bravery.

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