Starfleet Physician's Oath

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I swear by all that I hold sacred, with respect, compassion, humility, and dedication to the welfare of all life, that according to my best ability and judgment I will keep the following oath:

  • I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and to the highest good of all sentient life, and I will treat with justice and compassion all who come to me seeking care. I will lead my life and practice my profession with uprightness and honor, and I will abstain forever from all corrupt behavior and all vice.
  • Wherever I travel, I will seek to do good for all people, whether sick or well, and I will never deliberately cause harm to any sentient being. I will not practice my profession for any motive or profit, other than the best care of those patients entrusted to me, and I will never practice in the aid of any criminal or ethically wrong endeavor.
  • I will be completely honest with my patients in all matters. When such honesty requires me to deliver bad news, I will always take the patient's beliefs and customs into consideration. Whatever my patients tell me in the course of their care shall remain forever secret with me.
  • I will sit in judgment of no one, regardless of their illness or circumstances, but will always provide them care to the best of my ability without prejudice. I will not refuse care to any patient, regardless of their species, race, gender, creed, or affiliation.
  • I will remain a student my whole professional life, striving to learn as much as possible about my profession from other physicians and patients alike. I will also function as a teacher for my patients to allow them to make the best choices about their care.
  • As long as I faithfully observe the tenets of this oath, I shall be entitled to call myself Physician, with all the respect and honor accorded thereto; but if I should ever violate this oath, the reverse shall be my lot.

REV SD 239203.19