A Primer in Comparative Psychology

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Psychology Primer
By Cyndi Lupo, BA Psych

Tutorial 1: Theory

Tutorial 2: Application

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Simming the Role of Ship’s Counselor: A Primer in Comparative Psychology

Prepared for UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG

By Cyndi Lupo, BA Psychology


  1. Tutorial 1
    1. The Definition of Psychology
    2. Psychoanalytic Theory
      1. Sigmund Freud
      2. Alfred Adler
      3. Carl Jung
      4. Erik Erikson
    3. Behaviorism and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    4. Humanistic Psychology
    5. The modern movement towards integration or an eclectic approach
  2. Tutorial 2
    1. Introduction
    2. What is the Role of the Ship's Counselor?
    3. Sim Strategies for Maximising the Role of the Counselor
    4. Ethics
    5. Counseling Styles
    6. Etiquette
    7. Preparation


There are many roles to play within the UFOP RPG organization, but few are as in demand or as challenging to play in an authentic manner as the role of Ship’s Counselor. I have been privileged to play this part on several ships over the years under the guise of my character Iolo Madoc Llewelyn. At the high point of my early career I attained the rank of Lt. Commander, and received the TOSMA I award. Those facts, combined with my real life undergraduate degree in psychology, and several years of employment as a counselor in a milieu setting afford me the confidence to put forth the following “how to guide”, and it is my hope that those who pursue the role of Counselor within the UFOP will benefit from the information presented.

This primer is presented in two parts, or tutorials if you will. The first tutorial consists of a general background in psychology, including the major schools of thought, their main components and theories, and finally a modern multidisciplinary integrationalist framework that provides an easy to use and logical paradigm from which to orient the Ship’s Counselor character. The second tutorial focuses primarily on sim technique with regards to interactions, the counselor’s role, ethical and cultural considerations, counseling styles, and intervention tools which can be utilized in simmed counseling sessions.

While the material may seem daunting at times, I promise you that the insights gained will equip you to handle virtually any situation that your chosen sim profession might find you in, from assisting command staff in crew evaluations, to crisis interventions, to meaningful character development for not only the crew members you serve, but in your own character as well. Along the way you just might find some of the material to be fun as well as informative. Ira Steven Behr, one of the most prolific writers associated with Star Trek has gone on record as saying that the sorts of fans that pursue Star Trek hobbies on the Internet are highly intelligent and often very successful within their real life professions. I believe that this is a direct endorsement of you and all Simmers within the UFOP, and I have every faith that you will rise to the challenge of becoming the best Ship’s counselor you can be. Good luck.

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