StarBase 118 Command Center

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StarBase 118
Trojan-class SB118

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Location of the Command Center

The Command Center of StarBase 118 is the nerve center of all administrative and operations activity on the starbase. Manned around the clock by highly-trained officers, this crew manages everything from sector traffic control to the base's immense tactical armament.


  • 12: Observation room and lounge
  • 11: Cafeteria, officers' mess, command staff ward room, commanding officer's private dining room
  • 9-10: Tactical holographic imaging center
    • Deck 9: CIC - Combat Information Center
  • 8: Conference Rooms, office areas (Chief Security Office, Chief Tactical Office, Strategic Operations Office), tactical holographic imaging maintenance and support
  • 5-7: Tri-level, open area command center (the Hub),
  • 4: Communications support
  • 3: Operations support & development
  • 2: Personnel scheduling support
  • 1: Lobby, security


3d Version
Starbase 118 Hub

The Hub is the area of the Command Center in which the administrative staff spend most of their time, directing operations and dealing with issues as they arise.

The Hub is a spherical, three-level, open space built in a "pit" formation. The main entrance to the Hub is located on the 6th floor of the Command Center, with most of the duty stations seated between the 5th and 6th floors. The upper area of the Hub, encompassing what would be considered the area on the 7th floor, is mostly utilized by tactical data screens.

There are eight primary duty stations which share the Hub, and have sections devoted entirely to their systems and operations. While a coordinator from each of these positions, and perhaps one to two other crew from the duty post, is in the Command Center at all times, all of the duty stations listed below have their primary base of operations in other areas of the base where space is more available and closer to resources which may be of more use.

Strategic Operations: (STRAT-OPS)

The Strategic Operations officer is part of the command staff aboard Federation starbases and other Starfleet installations or vessels, especially during wartime.

The duties of the Strategic Operations officer include preparing the ship or station for the outbreak of conflict, liaising with Starfleet Command allied commands to obtain strategic and tactical data, handling logistical matters, summarizing intelligence reports for fellow officers, and similar functions. The Strategic Operations officer can also double as intelligence officer if none is assigned.

The Strategic Operations department acts as an advisory to the command staff, responsible for coordinating all Starfleet and allied assets within their designated area of space, as well as tactical analysis (in the absence of a dedicated tactical department) and intelligence gathering (in the absence of a dedicated intelligence department).

Fleet Operations: (FLT-OPS)

Main article: StarBase 118 Fleet Operations Department

Fleet Operations primarily handles the routing of ships assigned to the StarBase 118 monitor fleet which are not within the immediate vicinity of the base. In addition, FLT-OPS also handles routing of other Starfleet vessels on their way to other locations within Sector 118 and beyond.

Flight Control: (FLY-CON)

Main article: StarBase 118 Flight Control Department

These highly trained officers coordinate the traffic of both StarFleet, non-StarFleet, and civilian vessels moving in and out of the immediate vicinity of the base. Through experience and training they have developed a good knowledge of species' cultures and language to ensure tensions are minimized.

External Communications: (EXT-COM)

These officers deal with all of the communication from ships assigned to the StarBase 118 fleet, and all of the communications which pass through relays within the 118 sector.

Station Operations: (SB-OPS)

Main article: StarBase 118 Station Operations Department

These officers primarily handle the allocation of resources for the StarBase. This may include computer resources, long range sensors, internal communications, etc. In addition, SB-OPS also coordinates all personnel scheduling.

Station Tactical: (SB-TAC)

These officers are responsible for the safety and well-being of the starbase itself through use of necessary force to counter any external threats.

Station Security: (SB-SEC)

These officers are responsible for the provision of security around the base and to all key areas in times of tactical alert.

Station Engineering: (SB-ENG)

These officers deal with the resourcing of internal power sources, maintaining computer functions, schedules of maintenance to all of the starbase's internal systems, etc.

Station Medical: (SB-MED)

These officers oversee the health and general well-being of all inhabitants of the base, not generally including those officers housed on ships docked at the base. This office also coordinates with the head station counselor as well.

Station Science: (SB-SCI)

These officers oversee the Starbase Scientific Research Facilities and deal with any unusual phenomena or Science requirements encountered on the Starbase. They also include the Historical and Archaeological Archives department.

Auxiliary Command Center

In the event that the main Command Center is compromised, an auxiliary command center (ACC) is available, located in a heavily fortified area of the Engineering section of the base. Access to the deck on which the ACC is located is restricted only to those officers with the proper clearance.

The ACC is similar to the main Command Center, with seating for all main operations officers.