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The Flight Control Department (FLY-CON) of StarBase 118 is tasked with coordinating the traffic of all vessels (StarFleet, allied, and civilian) moving in and out of the immediate vicinity of the base.

Assignment and jurisdiction

Flight Control acts in a similar manner to "air traffic control" of any planet's aerial plane movement. Dozens, and sometimes hundreds of small and large craft move regularly in and out of the base, and through the surrounding area, and it is critical that their movements are both efficient and safe.

Generally, FLY-CON is responsible for an area with a diameter of approximately 100,000 kilometers around the starbase. Vessels may not travel to warp, or drop from warp, anywhere within this area. Vessels traveling within the Trinity/Serellan sectors, but outside the direct range of any planets or bases, are within the jurisdiction of Sector 118 Traffic Control.

Vessel Control Teams

Main article: StarBase 118 Vessel Control Teams

As the monitoring and routing of up to many hundreds of vessels is an incredibly complex job, there are a number of Vessel Control Teams which each share a portion of the workload. They are as follows:

  • Small Craft Teams
    • Fighter Watch Team
    • Small Craft In/Out Team
    • Maintenance Craft Team
    • Small Vessel Spacedock Clearance Team
  • Large Craft Teams
    • Approach control
    • Space Control

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