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The Fleet Operations Department (FLT-OPS) of StarBase 118 is tasked with the routing of ships assigned to the StarBase 118 monitor fleet which are not within the immediate vicinity of the base. In addition, FLT-OPS also handles routing of Starfleet vessels on their way to other locations within Sector 118 and beyond.

Assignment and jurisdiction

Fleet Operations can, at times, have dozens, and sometimes hundreds of ships under it's purview at any given time. It's primary concern is keeping tabs on all vessels assigned to the Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet, or StarBase 118 monitor fleet. While the majority of ships assigned to this fleet are routinely located within Sector 118, or surrounding sectors, it is not uncommon for vessels within this fleet to venture to locations far-flung across, and even beyond Federation space. Typically, the StarBase 118 FLT-OPS will liaise with the Fleet Operations department of another sector when routing a vessel through space which is under another sector's purview. Similarly, if a vessel ventures into allied space, StarBase 118 FLT-OPS will liaise with a comparable authority on behalf of the vessel.

As some vessels may not be within appropriate communication distance of StarBase 118, they are permitted to route themselves as is efficient. Nonetheless, the FLT-OPS department is still responsible for receiving and cataloging the automated location beacons of every StarBase 118 monitor fleet vessel, and dispatching emergency assistance when necessary.

Administrative location

The primary administrative location for FLT-OPS is Command Tower 4, located in the Command Towers area of StarBase 118. It is referred to as "Fleet Operations Command" (FLT-OPS COM).

While this department is responsible for a great number of vessels, and thus has more than a few dozen officers it's technological requirements are quite flexible. This taken into consideration, there is no department specific auxiliary location. Instead, a number of standby locations are available, with standard equipment usable for any department needing a temporary command location. These standby locations can quickly be delegated in times of crisis, if the primary locations are unreachable or under enemy command. In the event that an auxiliary location is not available, FLT-OPS for surrounding sectors can temporarily be delegated authority until order can be restored at StarBase 118.

Tower 4 Decks

  • 18: Offices (3)
  • 17: Conference rooms
  • 16: Secured data storage
  • 15: Personnel lounge, personnel lockers, cafeteria, transporters
  • 14: Diplomatic liaison department
  • 13: Personnel resources department
  • 12: Monitor fleet intra-movements department (routing within Sector 118)
  • 11: Monitor fleet intra-movements department, cont.
  • 10: Monitor fleet inter-movements department (routing outside Sector 118)
  • 9: Monitor fleet inter-movements department, cont.
  • 8: Auditing 1 department
  • 7: Auditing 2 department
  • 6: Communications management department
  • 5: Information management department, StarFleet liaison department, emergency routing-support department
  • 4: Not utilized
  • 3: Not utilized
  • 2: Not utilized
  • 1: Lobby, security

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