Spiral Nebula

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Spiral Nebula

The Spiral Nebula

The Spiral Nebula- located approximately one hour away from Delta Vega I at maximum warp- is a Class-9 stellar nursery [1] within the boundaries of the Sagittarius Reach and is predominantly comprised of hydrogen [2]. The nebula has sensor disrupting capabilities thanks to magnetascopic interference [3] and is filled with stellar debris including small asteroids in an area known to the crew of the mercenary ship Eildyr as ‘the Stellar Graveyard’.[4]

It was known to the Losarian people as “the Nursery of Future Civilizations”[5] although by early 2396, only one protostar had formed within its boundaries, which suggests that it is a relatively new formation.

On New Years Day 2396, the starship USS Columbia entered the Spiral Nebula in pursuit of the mercenary vessel Eildyr which had attacked them and Dehner Base, stealing a number of Tkon relics from the latter. Tarius Kaironn’s crew had used the Spiral Nebula a number of times to evade would-be captors and this was to be no different.[6] However, a plan was devised to essentially ‘smoke out’ the Eildyr. Although partially anticipated by Kaironn, the plan eventually succeeded with the 'Columbia’s crew turning the Nebula’s volatile properties against the Eildyr.[7] During it’s brief time in the Nebula, Columbia charted a number of asteroids on the periphery, although one of these was eventually torn apart from an anti-matter explosion from a torpedo launched the mercenary vessel.[8]

After arresting Kaironn and retrieving the Tkon artefacts, the Columbia left the boundaries of the Spiral Nebula, where it encountered the Losarian cruiser Illrith who made friendly overtures and thanked the crew for apprehending the wanted criminals. [9]



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