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Stellar Cartography
Region Sagittarius Reach
Sector Losarian
System Ehziron
Sun(s) 1 (Ehziro)
Moon(s) 3
Orbital Radius 1.5 AU
Eccentricity 0.0083
Class M
Diameter 12,038 km
Atmosphere Nitrogen/Oxygen
Hydrosphere Subterranean
Climate Polar
Blackbody Temp 238 K (-34.15 °C)
Gravity 1.13 g
Primary terrain Worldwide cityscape
Points of interest Capital of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth
Length of Day 35 hours
Length of Year 392 days
Native species Losarian
Other species Kavolian, Sopressian
Official Language Losarian
Population 5.73 billion
Technological Classification N-
Major cities Irvaytho (Losarian Capital)
Imports Food, raw materials
Exports Finished goods, art, medicine
Affiliation Imperial Losarian Commonwealth
Government Monarchy
Ehziro V surrounded by its three satellites.

Losaria (known to Starfleet Stellar Cartography as Ehziro V) is a highly-developed Class-M planet in the Ehziron system of the Sagittarius Reach. It is the homeworld of the Losarian species and serves as the capital of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth. It’s head of state is Queen Enora Glynndor [1]. The entire planet has been covered by a cityscape sprouting from Irvaytho, the historical Losarian capital city, although there are areas of the planet that have been preserved as nature sanctuaries so as not to completely destroy the planet's natural ecosystems. Losaria is the fifth planet in the Ehziron system. The planet orbits a blue main sequence star. Losaria has three natural satellites, two of which have been colonized. Losaria has a mostly polar climate with limited vegetation growing outside of the equatorial region. The planet lacks a steady supply of food or raw materials and must import these materials from other planets in the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth.

In early 2396 the USS Columbia was the first Federation starship to visit Losaria, accepting an official invitation from the Losarian Royal Court to visit [2]. The ship’s sensors detected approximately a dozen different species on the planet and about the same on the inhabited moons. [3][4]

Notable Places

  • The Imperial Palace: Residence of Queen Enora Glynndor, visited by a delegation from the USS Columbia. Also plays host to diplomatic meetings and the Royal Court of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth..[5]
  • Varoth Markets: A eclectic centre of commerce near the Imperial Palace. Visited by Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn, Savok and Lieutenant (J.G.) Jona ch'Ranni. [6][7]
  • Great Kanunnikan Waterfall: A frozen waterfall, mentioned by Lieutenant Pholin Duyzer as a potential point of interest for Columbia crewmembers taking shore leave on Losaria. [8]
  • Losarian Museum of Natural History: A museum dedicated to the animal life found across the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth, mentioned as a possible place of interest by Ensign James Colquhoun.[9]
  • The Royal Shipyards: The main production facility for vessels of the Losarian Royal Navy. Unlike many other spacefaring species, Losarian prefer to build their vessels planetside as opposed to in orbit. Visited by Lieutenant Jona ch'Ranni who accepted an invitation from a member of the Losarian government.[10]
  • The Royal Losarian Institute: The largest museum on Losaria, dedicated to their history, art and culture.


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