Ma'rithh Kenn

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Ma'rithh Kenn
An image of a Ma'rithh Kenn
Four Letter Code MRKN
Federation Status Non-Member
Planet of Origin Unknown
Encountered O Brave New World That Has Such People In’t
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level Unknown
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The 'Ma'rithh Kenn are a non-corporeal species encountered by members of the USS Columbia in April 2396 during the events of O Brave New World That Has Such People In’t . Very little is known about them except that they were once prisoners of the Tkon Empire.

Home System

  • Name: Unknown
  • Sovereign Name: Unknown
  • Quadrant: Unknown


Being beings of energy with non-corporeal forms, Ma'rithh Kenn do not have strict definitions of gender. The primary contact between the Columbia Away team and the Ma'rithh Kenn seemed to fluctuate between using male and gender-neutral pronouns. Ma'rithh Kenn appear to be comprised of a purple gaseous matter and are capable of changing it's shape. Columbia officers witnessed a transition from a fog-like appearance into a rough approximation of a humanoid figure. They have also learnt to communicate telepathically, although this has proven uncomfortable for some species- notably Al-Leyans and are capable of transposing corporeal beings from one place to another, although there is no indication whether this is common to all Ma'rithh Kenn or select members of their race.



Very little is known about the hierarchy of the Ma'rithh Kenn although there does appear to be a leader. In 2396, the being known as Da'Bit'al suggested that he/they ruled over all Ma'rithh Kenn and was kept separate from his/their people to be witness to their suffering at the hands of the Tkon. At some point in the distant past the Ma'rithh Kenn wished to rival the Tkon for supremacy, although again there is no indication of whether this was driven by a government or an individual. Given that the Ma'rithh Kenn disappeared after being freed from forced servitude, it may be that the species do not desire contact with alien species unless absolutely necessary (such as ensuring the survival of their race).


Being non-corporeal beings and given the Federation's limited interactions with them, almost nothing is known about the Ma'rithh Kenn's level of technology. However, it has been documented that they were capable of interfacing with Tkon computer networks as they were used to power their own prison world. This was achieved through the use of crystalline dodecahedrons that seemed to be able to house one Ma'rithh Kenn each.