Tkon Prison World

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Tkon Prison World.jpg
Stellar Cartography
Region Sagittarius Reach
Sector Losarian
System Delta Vega
Sun(s) 1 G-type star
Moon(s) 1
Orbital Radius ????
Eccentricity {{{eccentricity}}}
Class M
Diameter 13,576 km
Atmosphere Oxygen/Nitrogen/Xenon
Hydrosphere Subterranean
Climate Subtropical
Blackbody Temp ???
Gravity Earth standard
Primary terrain Varied
Points of interest Archeological
Length of Day 28.1 hours
Length of Year 402 days
Native species Ma'rithh Kenn (non-native, incarcerated)
Other species Tkon (formerly)
Official Language None
Population Several Hundred thousand (pre-2396). 0 (as of April 2396).
Technological Classification Evidence of highly advanced inter-dimensional technology
Major cities None- possibly former Tkon colony world.
Imports None
Exports None
Affiliation Tkon Empire of the Sacred Flame (formerly)
Government {{{government}}}

The Tkon Prison World (Federation Stellar Cartography Classification: M-40199589-III) is an uninhabited Class-M world two weeks from the territorial boundaries of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth. Surveyed first by the Quadros XII probe in late 2395 and later explored by crew members from the USS Columbia in April 2396, it was once the site of an inter-dimensional prison complex housing the remnants of the non-corporeal Ma'rithh Kenn species. A brief planetary survey also points to a permanent Tkon presence on the planet's surface although no conclusions were drawn at the time. There is also evidence that the planet could react with Tkon technology given the power failures aboard the USS Columbia caused by a Tkon artefact aboard while in orbit. Following the shut down of the inter-dimensional prison and the mysterious disappearance of the Ma'rithh Kenn the planet is now uninhabited.

It is the third planet in an otherwise uninhabited star system and is several thousands of kilometres larger than Earth and has a slightly longer annual orbit of it's parent star.

There were subterranean caverns that may have been the remnants of a Tkon space vessel although this was not confirmed during the initial planetary survey. At least part of these caverns were inter-dimensional in nature and allowed access to the Ma'rithh Kenn prison complex. Some Ma'rithh Kenn were able to venture to the surface, however they were prevented from leaving the planet due to the presence of an energy field in the lower atmosphere that Starfleet theorised was a form of force field to prevent prisoners from escaping.

Due to the dangerous nature of Tkon technology interfacing with Federation computer systems, this system has been marked off limits to all Starfleet vessels. It is the second such planet to be classified as such in the Sagittarius Reach after Vadhavul.