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Romin Ard'is came from a long line of starship builders. A millennia prior to his birth, his ancestors designed warships for the Valcarian Republic during the Unification Wars. This earned the Ard'is family enough credits to ensure that the Ard'is lineage would be wealthy for generations.

Romin was born about sixty years prior to the Seige of Kintan. In his youth, he left his family company and, backed by inheritance, he funded many interstellar expeditions, mapping dozens of new systems in the unknown regions. When he was eighteen, he attended lessons at Bylprass' technical university with some of the future entrepreneurs of technology. By age twenty, he had made his own fortune.

Romin's father groomed his son into becoming the CEO of Ard'is Technologies, the family’s most profitable company. It made grand vessels for the Republic.

To prepare himself for a career as a starship designer, he assumed a false identity and went undercover in many major competitors, including Renaar Engineering Corporation, and Hyth Corporation.

Ard'is spent time with the Regale of Ularios IV, makers of some of the earliest rolfs, mastering the art of precision engineering, and picking up some valuable information on the way. When the Regale discovered a "nonbeliever", they hired bounty hunters to kill the spy. Ard'is led the assassins through space before finding an uncharted black hole — one he had discovered earlier but "failed to report". The unsuspecting assassins plunged into the black hole and died.

When he returned, he was granted his own workshop under Ard'is Technologies, his family company. This workshop was called Ard'is Design Systems (ADS). SDS specialized in one-of-a-kind contracts with wealthy clients. ADS had a secret lab, called Advanced Projects Laboratory, which was responsable for coming up with the S.I.R.C. starfighter.

Several years before the Battle of Lintab, the Regale made another attempt on Romin Ard'is' life. Both Romin and his father were attacked by mercenaries on a pleasure cruise. Romin fled the vessel, but his father, Varrio Ard'is, perished. When news of Varrio's death reached Ard'is Technologies, the board gave Romin full control of the company.

Around the time of the Blockade of Lintab, Romin diverted funds from Ard'is Technologies to his private company, ADS. Romin began expermenting with non-Republic contracts and made the some advances on weaponry which somehow eventually ended up in the hands of the Vodran. He denied that he ever did this, but the primary design belonged to his company.

When Altharra ascended to the title of Valcarian Emperor, he created Ard'is Fleet Systems, AFS, and produced the SIRC/ln starfighter, SIRC/rc starfighter, SIRC/I starfighter, and later, the SIRC/Ad starfighter. Other AFS products which were used in the Imperial Navy were the Granor-class Assault Fighter, the Kiron Cruiser, and in conjunction with the Cirne Spaceworks, the Dreevar-class shuttle.

Ard'is was responsible for designing the ion engines used in many of the starfighters of the era including ships from other companies such as Pranthe Drive Yards's Trondir-class Orbital interceptor and the Kolit-class interceptor.

He did not dedicate himself to colossal space stations or superweapons, but primarily worked on smaller craft. Due to this, billions died under the weapons of his war machines, making him undoubtably one of the most ingenious inventors in galactic history.