Mr. Trel

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Member of Shadizaar


Mr. Trel
  • Name: Mr. Trel
  • Position: Bodyguard, first lieutenant, suspected criminal
  • Current Assignment: Executive Assistant to D'Taeon Maliin (owner and CEO of Balivari Industries)

The origin of the being known throughout the Par'tha Expanse as Mr. Trel is shrouded in mystery. The general public know him as the massive, hulking bodyguard of D'Taeon Maliin, the richest being in the region. Officially, he is the executive assistant to the CEO and owner of Balivari Industries. Unofficially, he is the first lieutenant, head enforcer, and right hand man of the biggest crimelord in the Expanse. There are only bits and pieces of personal history, scattered around the sectors.

Apparently, D'Taeon Maliin rescued Trel when he was only a child, from the environmental cataclysm which destroyed Trel's native civilization. There are fleeting rumors that D'Taeon had the race wiped out in some kind of business venture, but nothing that can be substantiated. Regardless, D'Taeon took Trel into his own home and raised him as a son.

Being as noone has ever seen others of Mr. Trel's species, noone knows who he is or where he came from. They just know to avoid him whenever possible. And if they can't avoid him, they know enough to stay on his good side. He portrays himself as a wall of solid rock with a bad attitude, and those who have ever seen him smile were usually seconds away from the end of their existance anyway. Of course, as with anyone associated with Balivari Industries or the company itself, no criminal activities have ever been proven.

Personality & Appearance

Mr. Trel is a very quiet individual, but when he speaks his voice is a very rich bass. Standing slightly over 2 meters tall, and weighing a solid 145 kg, Mr. Trel is one of the most imposing figures ever seen in the Par'tha Expanse. Apparently his species sports a very thick skin, almost hide-like, and nearly armoured. Humanoid in appearance, the top of his head is virtually flat, covered by short black hair, with deep set, yellow eyes. Humans say he resembles popular visual representations of Dr. Frankenstein's monster from the early 19th century book "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, except that his skin is a greyish-beige colour and he lacks the neck bolts and scars. His loyalty to D'Taeon Maliin is never wavering.