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the Paaran

Most Wanted
Created by Varaan
  • Last Seen: 238205.05, Midway Station, heading into the Par'tha Expanse
  • Noted Crimes: terrorism, murder
  • Ideologies: former Maquis
  • History: Starfleet Intelligence has a rather large dossier on the criminal known as the Paaran. However, factual data is superceded by speculation. The Paaran is thought to be a former human Maquis member, Dr. Emelius Browne. His last associated act in Federation space was the bombing of the Andorian Embassy on Betazed on stardate 238204.05.
  • Sims: the Paaran only personally appeared in one sim.


paaran (par-AHN), noun - A paaran is a ravenous and violently aggressive carnivore from the Bolian homeworld, roughly analogous to a Terran wolverine with an extremely bad temper. Paarans live in the arctic and sub-arctic regions of that world, allowing Bolians some measure of safety when out of doors.

Midway Station was believed to be the base of operations for "the Paaran," a notorious terrorist who operated primarily in Federation space. "The Paaran" obviously adopted the name in order to strike fear into the hearts of his victims.

Not much is known of "the Paaran," but Starfleet Intelligence does have some speculation. Known facts include "the Paaran" as a former Maquis, favoring civilian targets in Federation space now that the Maquis have been destroyed or scattered, and using subordinates to perform the actual terrorist acts, allowing him to direct the action. His most recent act in Federation space was the bombing of the Andorian Consulate on Betazed, costing 87 lives, and over 150 others wounded.

Unproven suspicions believe "the Paaran" to be Dr. Emelius Browne, a professor of anthropology, xenoanthropology, and social sciences. Dr. Browne was known to have been living and working in what became the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, where numerous Federation worlds were ceded to the Cardassians and caused the Maquis to form. Nothing is known of Dr. Browne after the Maquis took over, and it is presumed that he joined them.

Dr. Browne is a human male with short dark hair and a small scar on his left cheek. Curiously, he also wears glasses.

The USS Atlantis was chosen by Admiral Izuldi and Admiral Jacob Russell Krieger to capture the Paaran. Instead of flushing him out of the Jenatris Cloud into Federation space, the Paaran went deeper into the cloud, eventually finding his way into the Par'tha Expanse. He is currently at large.