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Par'tha Expanse
Member of Deep Space 26



The Naylar known as Peytar was assigned to Deep Space 26 by the Naylar Ruling Council as an ambassador, a liaison between the Naylar Government and the multi-racial Federation contingent occupying DS26. When the Outpost Ganzera Embassy station was built, Peytar relocated there. Once Ganzera was closed and abandoned, the entire ambassadorial collective returned to DS26.

Peytar has a fairly deep voice that slightly rumbles in the back of his throat when he speaks. As a member of the Chosen class in his society, he commands much respect and authority. Personally he is well liked by his people and receives respect regardless of his social position. He has served loyally in various capacities within his government for well over 40 years. He was a natural choice by the Ruling Council for this position

Personality & Appearance

His body is covered in a short haired brown fur that is subtly striped white and caramel in colour. His eyes are black, and his large and furry ears are pointed, with tufts of white at the tips.