Sa'has Rathmin

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Member of DS26 Support Staff


Sa'has Rathmin

Sa'has has long dreaded the day when his heritage would finally catch up with him. Despite being the heir apparent of the Rathmin clan, a prestigious Andorian trading family, Sa'has turned his back on Andorian culture at an early age. This break came when he killed a young friend during a poorly supervised practice duel. Although faultless in the tragic death, Sa'has vowed never to raise the duelling knife again. Instead he moved to live with his Uncle Poshep, who was a Starfleet officer stationed in San Francisco. In an attempt to escape the Andorian culture he viewed as responsible for the death of his friend he threw himself into the study of alien civilizations. As his studies progressed this avenue of escape became a genuine love, and he entered the Federation Science Services as a Social Science specialist.

Sa'has, like many Andorians, is a rather moody character. However, unlike most Andorians, Sa'has is a devout pacifist. Rather than becoming violent in difficult situations he often becomes depressed. Despite his often-dark mood, Sa'has has many friends on the station. The reason for this is the same reason he has enjoyed so much success in his field. He has a remarkable ability to view any situation from a number of viewpoints, including those of the often-alien cultures encountered by Starfleet. This ability makes him an excellent moderator and diplomat, as well as a sympathetic confidant.

Sa'has' favourite pastime is playing the Vulcan Lyre, an instrument he has become quite expert with. Indeed, always the scientist, Sa'has spends his free time in pursuit of many alien instruments and musical traditions. A true lover of music, of any kind, he finds that this hobby compliments both his personal and professional life.

Personality & Appearance Being an Andorian, Sa'has Rathmin has blue skin and white hair, with two blue antennae sprouting from his forehead. He is 181 cm tall, and weighs 72.5 kg. He doesn't mind the company of others, and will willingly take part in group activities, but would rather work alone if the choice was up to him. He feels that he is a misunderstood individual, being so different from the rest of his species. He is usually quiet and reserved, but gets very passionate and excited when lecturing or speaking on a topic he knows about.


Sa'has has earned many different academic qualifications, some of which are:

  • Socioanthropology
  • Xenoanthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Sociology
  • Xenobiology
  • speaks, reads and writes 28 different languages

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • Multiple academic institutions/14 years total
    • USS Arizona/2 years/Dyson Sphere Analysis
    • USS Atlantis/1 day/Science Department
    • Current Assignment: Deep Space 26/current/outpost