Granor-class Assault Fighter

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The Ard'is Fleet Systems Granor-class Assault Fighter was, early in the Vodran War, the smallest metaplane-capable starship in use by the Valcarian Imperial Navy. While small enough to be carried aboard capital ships as a starfighter, its immense power output, weaponry, and shielding cause some registries to designate it as a capital ship itself.

Republic Ard'is Systems designed the ship prior to the Vodran War. It was later sold primarily to the Valcarian Empire; however, the Navy's tactical philosophy wasn't open to the idea of a metaplane-capable capital-starfighter hybrid, and all but snubbed the ship. This led AFS to sell the ship on the open market. Those Imperial fleets that received Granors praised the ship, but the Granor Assault Fighter ultimately gained its fame and reputation as a staple of corporate, mercenary, pirate, and smuggler fleets, as well as among individuals.

It has a standard crew consisting of a pilot, copilot/sensor operator, and two gunnery officers; however, the ship can be piloted by just one person. It is standard equipped with a Class Two metaplane generator, and is stocked with sufficient consumables for a month of independent operation. On short wings on the side of the cockpit it houses two sensor pylons.

Two forward-swept stabilizer fins branch out from the aft of the ship and house two ion cannons. A third ion cannon is housed in the nose of the ship, with a missile launcher underneath it. On the dorsal fuselage, a fire-linked pair of laser cannons are mounted in a turret.

While designed as a space-faring vessel, the ship actually performs better in atmospheric flight, with a top speed of 1,200 km/h; and its aerodynamic frame provides a better atmospheric maneuvering performance than all but high-performance airgravs. Its maneuvering performance is not as remarkable out of the atmosphere, and the ship often relies on swift first-strikes or coordination with other ships in space combat.