D'Taeon Maliin

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Member of Shadizaar


D'Taeon Maliin

D'Taeon Maliin is an aberation when it come to the Balivari. An extremely xenophobic race, the Balivari attempt to avoid contact with other races if at all possible. D'Taeon actually sought them out. When a scout ship from an unknown species landed on the biggest moon of Seccora's first planet and made first contact with the Balivari, they were quickly rebuffed and left. But they left with a passenger. Once D'Taeon was off the terrestrial moon, he immediately began to use his mental powers to his advantage, including robbery, theft, blackmail, and confidence schemes. He started out low, but was soon involving himself with planetary officials and the like. The problem the rest of the Expanse had was that they could never catch D'Taeon in the act. They had no proof, though suspicions were very strong. Soon, D'Taeon was one of the most powerful individuals in the Freeworlds Region, then in the Expanse. He started legitimate companies with the money he made, in part to hide his criminal activities, and in part to launder the money the illegal activies brought in. D'Taeon soon became the most powerful being, political or otherwise. He moved his permanent home and base of operations to Illara Prime, the hub of the Freeworlds' politics and ecomonics. While there, he combined all of his criminal activites into his criminal empire, called Shadizaar. Publicly, no one has been able to link him to Shadizaar. About thirty years ago D'Taeon rescued a young being named Trel from a cataclysmic event which wiped out his race. D'Taeon raised Trel as his own son, and gave him a position in the family business, Balivari Industries. Trel now acts as his personal assistant and bodyguard. Beings everywhere in the Expanse attempt to stay on D'Taeon's good side. His enemies have a habit of disappearing.

Personality & Appearance

D'Taeon Maliin is an average Balivari when it comes to appearance. He is only three and a half centuries old, so his black hair has yet to begin whitening. His skin is a dark sand color, and his eyes are a washed out olive green. Due to his station in life, his walking stick is incredibly ornate.

D'Taeon is not xenophobic as is his race, but is incredibly self-centered, egotistical, and greedy. Of course, that is his private side. To the public he is an influential businessman and philanthropist. He will consider every approach to a problem, but usually stay with his first impression. He knows that he has many enemies, but has yet to succomb to paranoia. He will not hesitate to eliminate anything or anyone that gets in the way of what he wants.