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Renaar Engineering Corporation (REC) is one of the three largest starship manufacturers in the Valcarian Imperial Republic. Unlike the company's main competitors (Pranthe Drive Yards and Ard'is Fleet Systems), REC relies almost solely on civilian sales rather than military contracts. They are well known for their modular freighters that can be upgraded for combat with both legal and illegal after-market kits. These popular freighters range from the HY series first made centuries before the Battle of Lintab to the KLR series more recently produced. REC, whose shipyards are located in the Renaar system, owes much of its success to the abnormally high numbers of skilled designers, engineers, and shipwrights the system produces.


  • Transports/Freighters
    • HY-396 Renaar Light Transport
    • HY-547 Renaar Medium Transport
    • HY-763 Renaar Heavy Transport
  • Corvettes
    • Renaarian Corvette
  • Gunships
    • Renarrian Gunship