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Crew of Deep Space 26


Commander Edward Muntz

Finding a man more dedicated to engineering would be difficult, if not impossible. Famed for his unconventional approach to solving problems, Muntz has a reputation as one of the most innovative (and dangerous) engineers in Starfleet. Indeed, his constant pushing of the engineering envelope earned him the name "Crazy Eddie" at the Academy, an appellation that has stuck with him to the present day.

Often distracted, Muntz finds it difficult to get excited about things other than engineering, although like most engineers he enjoys a good party. Despite the constant flood of ideas passing through his brain, he is more than capable of focusing when it is required. In emergency situations he has demonstrated excellent leadership ability, as well as incredible stamina, once staying awake for four days while repairing a warp core in record time. Sometimes perceived as lacking the usual social skills, Muntz still shows incredible compassion for his staff, often pushing himself too hard to compensate when they are overworked.

Muntz has no hobbies of any kind outside engineering. He is a prolific inventor, and his quarters are in a constant state of total disarray (he disabled the automated cleaning routines because he kept losing inventions the computer thought were refuse). No matter what the field of application, if a new device is required Muntz seems more than willing to build it.

Personality & Appearance

Edward Muntz is an only child. As such, he was doted upon by his mother when he was younger, and got whatever he asked for. He had a passion for puzzles and other things he could tinker with, take apart, and reassemble. He never completed any of it. His personal life hasn't changed much, but at least Starfleet taught him to complete his work. "Crazy Eddie" is about 180 cm tall and 88.5 kg. His wild, unkempt hairstyle hasn't done anything to dispell the use of his nickname.

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • Multiple starships/29 years total/Various tours
    • USS Arizona/2 years/Dyson Sphere Analysis
    • USS Arizona/1 year/Dominion War
    • Current Assignment: Deep Space 26/current/outpost