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Ard'is Fleet Systems (owned by the Rynch/Ard'is Technologies supercorporation) is a major starship manufacturer.

Ard'is Fleet Systems (AFS), along with Pranthe Drive Yards, is a supplier of military vessels for the Valcarian Empire. However, while PDY supplied the Empire's massive Destroyer fleet, AFS supplied the small, yet deadly SIRC fighters. Throughout the Empire's rule, AFS produced massive amounts of the craft and also made several SIRC variants, along with the Kiron Cruiser. AFS was also accused of constructing weapons for the Vodran, but Romin Ard'is, the CEO of AFS, denied connection to the weaponry. While he denied connection, there was evidence that the weaponry was linked to him and Ard'is Design Systems; the designs later showed up in the SIRC fighter series.

AFS, originally Republic Ard'is Systems (RAS), was founded over a millennia ago by the wealthy Ard'is family. Little is known about Ard'is Systems' workings with the Republic. The corporation dealt primarily with individual governments and the private sector, and did not have many contracts with the Republican Directory. Ard'is Systems is very ancient and is believed to have been around since the time the space travel industry began.

Ard'is Systems supplied the many worlds and people in the Republic with vessels for thousands of years, and there were few complaints about the ships' quality. It can thus be concluded that most of the company's customers were satisfied and that the company was successful in the Republic.

A century before the Battle of Lintab, the Ard'is family united with the Rynch family, who owned Rynch Security, due to an arranged marriage. Romin was the CEO for many years of AFS, but was killed recently in an assassination. Lady Jaydin Rynch of the Rynchs has taken control of the company and is operating it.


During Imperial rule, Ard'is mainly produced military vessels, but during the time of the Republic, it manufactured both military and civilian carriers. Ard'is' military production favoured smaller cruisers and combat fighters, while the company's civilian vessels extended to anything that could be built for a profit. Freighters were always a big seller, as well as mining vessels and luxury space liners.

Ard'is Systems was generally willing to deal with anyone its agents believed to be able to produce profitable business, even if such business aroused the displeasure of the company's other customers.