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  • Name: Frazier, Danielle Theresa
  • Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade (jg)
  • Service Number: J314-304 SS
  • Department: Starfleet Science Officer
  • Assignment: Outpost Unity
  • Position: Gravimetrics Specialist


  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 47

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • USS Enterprise-E/6 months/Shakedown Cruise
    • Deep Space 10/2 years/Stellar Nursery Study
    • USS Arizona/2 years/Dyson Sphere Analysis
    • USS Jan'thwil/1 year/Dyson Sphere Analysis
    • Deep Space 26/10 years/Nebular Studies
    • Current Assignment: Outpost Unity/current/Dyson Sphere Analysis

Apart from her young age, Dani Frazier is one of the premiere minds in the Federation in her field of study: gravimetrics. Dani seems to have an extraordinary grasp on gravity and its effects. She was offered a fellowship at the Daystrom Institute before her 20th birthday, but declined because Starfleet was something she had always dreamed about.

Dani grew up on Mars, the oldest child and only girl out of seven children. She enjoys playing the flute in her spare time, if she isn't busy pouring over the latest sensor readings. She is a very friendly person and spends a lot of time in sickbay, since Starfleet Medical has her listed as a Hypochondriac, with obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

When crew assignments and duty rosters were being prepared for Project Icon (study of the Dyson Sphere), Dani was actually the first officer Admiral Sussex assigned to the mission. He built the mission around her and her expertise. Once the Arizona had been reassigned to the Dominion War, Dani stayed behind at the Dyson Sphere; her expertise would have been wasted in the war effort. Since the Dyson Sphere study had been moved from active to research status, Dani was reassigned to SB118 and joined Admiral Krieger's group going to Deep Space 26.

She spent 10 long years studying the effects of gravity within stellar nebulae in the Par'tha Expanse from her lab on DS26. Then in early 2393 she heard that a new Dyson Sphere was discovered in the Pouiyeog region, in the Delta Quadrant. She immediately applied for a transfer and it was granted. She has relocated to Outpost Unity, a joint Federation-Talaxian venture, on the surface of the Dyson Sphere. Her knowledge and expertise should proved invaluable.

Personality & Appearance

This red-headed, green-eyed beauty is only 170 cm tall and 56 kg. She is very open and friendly, but tends to get absorbed in her work. She speaks fairly quickly, and seems to always be full of energy, except of course when she thinks she's sick.

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