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Par'tha Fringe
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  • Name: Dorlan
  • Position: Criminal, informant/guide
  • Current Assignment: None; deceased.


  • Species: Prelian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30

The Prelian criminal Dorlan was discovered hiding out on a derelict Chon defense outpost, just on the other side of the Jenatris Cloud. Although Dorlan was extremely friendly and willing to share any information he had in exchange for protection from "them", he was not very forthcoming about his own background. After some probing by Commander Jennifer Greene, "them" was discovered to be the Illaran government. Apparently Dorlan was wanted on numerous charges, many of them minor, but enough that the Prelians had to banish Dorlan from his homeworld in an attempt to appease the Illarans and the Freeworlds Council. Dorlan had offered his services as "procurement" specialist and cultural liaison in the Par'tha Expanse to the crew of ATLANTIS, assigned to explore this region, in exchange for asylum. Seeing as how the Federation was new to this area of the galaxy, they had taken Dorlan up on his offer. However, during ATLANTIS' first foray into the Freeworlds Region, Dorlan was found by Urlista Station security, murdered. He died on stardate 238208.10. His neck had been broken.

Personality & Appearance

Like all Prelians, Dorlan was shorter than the average human, with greyish-purple skin, black hair and black eyes. The short whiskers on the end of his proboscus made him look like he had a small mustache. Though he was a wanted man, he was actually very friendly and outgoing, even to strangers. He had a slight hunch, noticable mostly when he was walking. His voice had a peculiar sound to it, like he had something permanently stuck in his throat. People either got used to it quickly, or avoided Dorlan, because talking was what Dorlan did best. He felt most at ease when he thought he was being useful, or contributing in some way. You just did't ask him to do any physical work.