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Par'tha Expanse

In some areas of the galaxy, fringe enclaves can be found everywhere, operating in the open. In the Par'tha Expanse, the law is a lot less tolerant of fringe activities, and those engaging in them must be more subtle and circumspect.

The fringe world was not always so small and insignificant. At one time, the entire Freeworlds Region was a haven for smugglers, pirates, and claim jumpers. Those wild and lawless days disappeared as civilization came to the frontier, and brought with it law and order.

Traces of the fringe culture can still be seen on some worlds and there are still places, especially in isolated mining installations in uninhabited systems, where one can find a certain fringe element at work and at play.

In the Expanse, the ore worlds along the Barahn Run play host to a number of fringe societies, as do the worlds of the Peridan Lane. Felussus, Krotar, and Pollus are other notable fringe worlds. The Freeworlds most receptive to fringe communities include Lanith, Itani, Kellim, Ocorum, and Illara.

Fringers in the Par'tha Expanse tend to fall into three categories: pirates, independents, and house-sponsored operatives. Pirates are most commonly those who prey on the trade of the Kaen'anti Bypass, but also include more typical shipjackers, and the occasional privateer. Independent fringers are the freelance gamblers, smugglers, thieves, and so on who haunt the less-policed areas of the sector. House-sponsored fringers are the people who do the work that is too dirty for a house to do itself, or work which requires expendable assets (i.e. fringers who no one will miss).

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