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Membership: The Assembly is a secret organization made up of some of the sector's leading mining company presidents, CEOs, and owners. Mining Guild officials can also be found among their number, along with a few high-ranking Imperials.

Goals: To ensure that the Freeworlds Region secedes from the Par'tha Expanse, and position members to run the new rump sector.

Description: The Assembly was formed by enterprising figures in the mining industry who have a vested interest in seeing the Freeworlds split off from the Expanse. Its members pool their individual resources in an effort to bring this about in such a way that they are left in charge of the new sector - with Imperial blessings, of course.

The Assembly does not advocate violence as a means of getting its way, though individual members are free to do whatever they see fit to advance the fortunes of the organization. Blackmail, bribes, and offers of powerful positions in the new sector are tactics the Assembly is more comfortable with.

Assembly representatives have begun meeting with House Rettaan to ensure its support when the time comes. Securing Rettaan will neutralize both it and Kerraron, leaving the Assembly poised to claim the ore-rich planets of Barahn.

The Assembly has already used its Imperial members to approach key figures on Valcaria to work out a deal where it hands the Freeworlds over to the Empire in exchange for custodianship of them afterwards. A dangerous game, but the rewards are worth the risk.

Assets: The Assembly's members funnel billions of credits into its coffers from various corporate accounts, giving it liquid assets some planets would envy. Most of the money is reinvested in Valcarian businesses, so that the Assembly will have ready funds when the new sector is born. An odd million here and there are allocated to paying bribes, funding research, and meeting other expenses.

The Assembly has a number of spaceships, sea-going vessels, and buildings it uses for meeting places. Individual members provide additional resources as needed, from network slicers to security personnel.