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Spice is a nebulous term for an assortment of recreational substances, medicines, food seasoning, additives and preservatives, illegal intoxicants, and other ingested non-nutritive semi-foodstuffs.

Historically and colloquially, spice can also refer to any luxury good, such as exotic entertainment, precious metals, or rich foods; or any valuable smuggled goods, or any small goods that adds variety to life ("spice is the variety of life" and "variety is the spice of life" are common catch-phrases).

In the most specific sense, spice is a very valuable substance, produced organically by a biosystem, that enhances biological processes or experiences. The most famous spices are mined mineral-based substances, but many spices come from other bioproductive processes.


Imperial Code Violations

There are a number of Imperial code restrictions on transport, sale, and possession of spice:

  • Possession, trafficking, and/or transport of illegal spice (diblen or Flash, for example) is a class two violation, punishable by 5-30 years imprisonment, impounding of vessel and other involved properties, fine of up to 10,000 credits, and/or loss of pilot's and business certification.
  • Possession, trafficking, and/or transport of restricted spice (for example, high-grade lian or narcotic draklor) is a class three violation, with punishment of impounding of involved property, fine between 250-5000 credits, imprisonment up to 2 years, and possible loss of certification.
  • Purchase or transportation of spice without a permit, or without proper receipt of fees, is a class four violation, with punishment of a fine up to 5000 credits (usually on the low end), and imprisonment up to one month.
  • Violation of local import and export regulations (spice is regulated in almost every system) is a class five infraction, punishment usually being a fine between 100 and 5000 credits.
  • Local system laws may also apply, and these punishments may also include local system imprisonment and fines, perhaps more severe than Imperial punishment - some spice smugglers have paid minor fines to Imperial courts, then been arrested, tried, and executed by a more severe local magistrate.