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On the face of it, it isn't very smart to locate a shadowport so close to a major Valcarian Imperial depot. But because of the great interstellar interference present in the Par'tha Expanse, it is possible to maintain a small but active shadowbase just off the Kaen'anti Bypass.

Port Liiria is about seven centuries old, which is fairly young for a community in this region of the galaxy, and fairly old for a shadowbase. It was founded by the Cullum pirate Namil Liiria, who was infamous for hitting luxury ships which cruised the Bypass. He founded Port Liiria as a safe haven for his ships to "winter" in between tourist seasons. It has thrived ever since, despite several attempts by the Caraadians and the Freeworlds to shut it down.

Port Liiria is a spaceport community located on the surface of Lantos, the only airless world in the K'Kaar system. It has shield generators and two anti-orbital ion guns protecting it, but its major defense is the nearby ever-shifting nebula which makes reliable navigation to the system extremely difficult.

Invited and expected guests fly to a remote area of the Lydor system, where a hidden buoy broadcasts safe navigational information to those with the proper codes (the coordinates are updated regularly by Port Liiria techs, as are the codes). The buoy does not advertise the fact that it requires a password for coordinates; those who don't give one or who give the wrong one are given fake coordinates which pass through the heart of the Lydor star. The buoy itself is on a mobile platform which speeds back to Port Liiria is any ship comes within 100,000 kilometers of it (if it cannot jump to warp - either because it is caught in a tractor beam or a gravity well - it flash-erases its data banks and self destructs).

Smuggling and illegal ship services are the primary functions of Port Liiria, though it has a thriving Spice blackmarket as well (and plenty of spice pirates to feed it). The port can be deadly to those who don't watch themselves, and extremely dangerous for obvious nobles - anti-Expanse feelings run strong here, and the port is thick with those on the run from one or more of the houses.

The Valcarian Empire, the Freeworlds, and the houses of the Expanse know Port Liiria exists just off the Kaen'anti Bypass, but few know where the buoy is, and still fewer have access to the ever-changing codes (those who do aren't telling). Spies that manage to get to the shadowport are routinely sniffed out and die horrible deaths.