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Marcus Henderson

Most Wanted
Created by Salak

Full Name: Marcus Henderson
Rank: Crewman
Former Position: Engineer
Former Posting: USS Wallace

Last Seen: 238208.11, near Deep Space 17. Unconfirmed sighting by USS Triumphant 238305.20
Charges: Mutiny, Damage to Starfleet Property (USS Wallace), Theft of Starfleet Property (Shuttle Wilson), Murder (Pilot of Shuttle Wilson), Assault

Henderson was a crewman in the engineering department upon USS Wallace, and featured amongst the engineering teams who tried to help the FTS P'Kothla in early 2382. He had previously had experience on board a Constellation class vessel, and experience as a pilot before that.

Tired of a "dull" Starfleet life, the NCO Engineer caused an explosion on the vessel, and was immediately apprehended. Held in the Brig on the Wallace, Henderson managed to escape his cell upon the vessels return to Deep Space 17, and proceeded to cause a second, somewhat larger explosion outside (then) Ensign Salaks' quarters.

Escaping via an umbilical in a Turbolift to the station, Henderson proceeded to hijack the Shuttlecraft Wilson which had been bringing Doctor Rowax back to the station after an LOA. Henderson murdered the Pilot before stunning Rowax, who was then beamed onto the station.

He was last seen flying away from DS17 at warp in the shuttle.

Additional information

Henderson is thought to have been a gaoler for a time upon Eliot Ness' ship the Eagle's Eyrie under the psudonym of Harding.