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((Beach, Holodeck, USS Apollo))

She nodded to him with another smile and took another bottle from the fridge and walked through the sand, heading right for the Intel Officer, approaching him from behind, watching the back of his head until she reached him and spoke while stepping next to the man ::

Laxyn: That was quite wonderful, Viktor. I don't think I've ever heard it before.

Lanius: That was Saint Anne's Reel... probably one of the only things my father did well.. :: he laughed ::

Laxyn: ::She liked that he laughed and nodded:: He indeed did. ::Turning to the water she looked over to the horizon:: It is a really beautiful sky, isn't it?

Lanius: Indeed. I haven't laid eyes on a sky such as this in quite some time. And to think I wasn't going to come and enjoy this this evening...

Laxyn: ::Her head jumped to the side again to look at him in surprise:: You did not want to come? Why that?

Lanius: I don't know if it was so much as I didn't want to come... I just think sometimes I might not fit in. It's stupid...

Laxyn: ::She watched the Irish man and listened:: Well, I am sure you would have been missed.

Lanius: :: His brow raised as he turned to look at her. :: So sure?

Laxyn: ::smirking:: Yes very sure. I for myself can say that I am glad you came.

Lanius: :: He smiled widely and looked down at the ground. :: And spoken with such honesty :: He chuckled ::

Laxyn: ::laughing:: Of course. Otherwise I would have missed my first live concert, even if it consisted of only one song.

Lanius: Well now, I'm glad to have been of service D... Jalana :: The two shared an understanding 'almost slipped' look and smiled :: Remembered this time... And I see you've settled into a drink... oh two? Double fisting are we? Mighty adventerous of you.

Laxyn: ::blushing:: Oh yes.. that one is for you. ::Handing him the closed bottle::

Lanius: I was just thinking... The toast we shared at the Monte Carlo didn't seem to taste well to you. Perhaps we could try it again?

He seemed pleased by the choice of drink and it pleased her. She liked to watch those little details, making sure that people are comfortable and content. Which as Doctor was not always as easy but also went into that direction. Helping and making people better. To have something they were familiar with and used to help ... at least it helped her so she assumed it was the same for others. When she watched she sky she heard his voice next to her and it did not feel intrusive at all. Taking a sip from her bottle she listened, wondering if this peaceful feeling was what her roommate in the Academy had called Zen. ::
Jalana turned back to the water, her eyes casting over the sky, the orange slowly changed into a red, reflected by the rippling water. A soft breeze washed over her face, bringing the salty air over to them. It was a wonderful and peaceful moment, one of those one would not have too often, one would remmeber when thinking back. And it made her smile, to have one of those 'remember me' moments on the Apollo. It made her feel more at home here. ::

Lanius: I was just thinking... The toast we shared at the Monte Carlo didn't seem to taste well to you. Perhaps we could try it again?

Laxyn: ::Turned her eyes to Vik, surprised that he brought it up:: Sure.. why not. It can only be better. ::smiling::

Lanius: At least this way your throat won't be aflame like last time... :: He raised his bottle, and trying hard to remember his old Earth Irish accent :: May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door.

Jalana listened to the toast and thought about those words, what would fit into this row of well wishes. None of those things applied to a starship, so because they were right on one and could need some 'luck' as well she held up her bottle. She hesitated a moment before adding ::

Laxyn: And always enough warp plasma to bring us to those close to us, no matter how far away they are.

Lanius: I'll certainly drink to that. :: he tilted the bottle back, all the while his eyes locked onto hers. ::

As she raised her bottle to drink, she smiled against the opening, returning his gaze until he turned to look over the water. She took another moment before also taking in the scenery, though when he spoke up, her head tilted back towards him.::

Lanius: Jalana, :: He turned back to her :: how would you feel about dinner tomorrow? :: He turned back towards the water quickly ::

Her brows wandered up and a mix of feelings ran through her. Surprise the most prominent one. Did he just ask her out? Or was that a professional dinner? Though, why would the Intel have a business dinner with a Medical Officer? It took her a moment to find her voice again ::

Laxyn: Uhm... at the risk to embarrass myself tremendously, but... are you talking about a date?

Lanius: Well... :: he breathed in again :: Yes... yes I am. I guess date would be the appropriate word... :: he was looking at the ground again, laughing a bit ::

The Trill watched him, her brows making their way up again, squeezing the spots at her hairline. A date? She really did not expect that, on the other hand she got along rather well with Viktor and she had enjoyed spending time with him so far. She opened her mouth to answer when she remembered her talk with the Captain ::

Laxyn: I'm going to have a meeting with the Captain tomorrow evening.

Lanius: It's ok if you don't... :: She interrupted him and he turned ::

Laxyn: ::Shaking her head:: No no. I really would like to. ::She blurted out and blushed, biting her lip and turning her gaze back to the water. For a moment she thought and looked back at him:: How about afterwards?

Lanius: Absolutely!

Laxyn: I have the meeting at 1900, so maybe 2000? That should be enough time.

Lanius: Absolutely brilliant... I can't think of a better way to spend an evening.

Jalana exhaled, feeling relieved, she almost thought that she had to say no and if she was honest with herself, she didn't want to. She actually felt some prickle in her, she was.. excited thinking of it. A date. How long had it been that she had been on one? That brought up another question.. ::

Laxyn: ::felt the blush creep up her cheeks again:: That.. is great. Where would we meet.. or go?

Lanius: Well to be honest, I thought I might make it a surprise... nothing drastic. but there'll be food and good times nontheless. Mind if I pick you up at your quarters?

Laxyn: :: Smiling:: That sounds good, I like surprises. ::Well at least the pleasant ones she liked:: And sure, I'll be waiting there for you. Any dresscode I should think of?

Lanius: Wear whatever you're comfortable in. I certainly don't intend on wearing this get-up... :: he chuckled tugging at his dreadful hawaiian shirt. ::

Her eyes wandered to the shirt and chuckled. It was not that she did mind the colors, but he looked quite uncomfortable with it. She shook her head slightly, it showed that he liked to make others feel good by even wearing this shirt he obviously did not like a lot. She brushed her hands over her sarong and looked down at her two piece bikini ::

Laxyn: Well, then I won't wear this either. I'd feel foolish being the only one in beach wear. ::She smirked and then bit her lip as a sudden thought jumped into her mind. She hesitated not sure if she should ask, but then she thought it might be better to know:: So.. what are your intentions? oO Well that could have been smoother, I sounded like my father. Oo

Lanius: I just want to know you better, have some fun. And I think you're on that page as well.

Laxyn: ::She looked up to him for a moment, thinking before she nodded, a smile on her lips:: Yes, getting to know you sounds like a good idea. I'm looking forward to it.

Lanius: You know, the more you mention it, the more I begin to believe it...

Laxyn: Good, because it's true.

Lanius: Fantastic... Until then my good Doctor. I'll see you tomorrow.

For once she did not mind him calling her Doctor, she was still way too surprised about having a date with him to really notice, actually. She nodded and gave him another smile ::

Laxyn: Yes, see you tomorrow, Viktor.

She looked after him as he left and turned back to the waterside, taking a deep breath. She had no idea where this had been coming from but she would lie, if she would say she was not excited for it. For another few moments she just stood there, feeling the breeze in her face and her hair, smelling the salt and digging her toes into the wet sand, letting the water play around her feet before she took one last deep breath and turned herself. ::
She would be Chief Medical Officer as soon as her shift would start tomorrow. And she had a little to prepare beforehand plus should not look like she could sleep for another eight hours, especially not when she was saw the Captan and then Viktor after work. Early night sounded more and more like a good idea. When she passed the others she raised her hand to wave a goodbye, walked over to the dress she had dumped into the sand and pulled it over her head, so she would not have to walk the hallways in her bikini. She took her sandals from the same spot and carried them at the straps, heading back to her quarters. ::