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Lieutenant JG Kawakame Shin
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon


Current Posting: Security/Tactical Officer
Current Assignment: USS Montreal
Species: Human
Telepathic Status: T0/E0
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5’9
Weight: 148 lbs
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Place of Birth: Earth: Kyoto, Japan
Marital Status: Single





Academy.jpg 238801.02 — 239201.04
Starfleet Academy Cadet
Major: TacticalMinor: Security
Academy Transcript
Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Duty Post
DS9style-ens gold.png Ensign 239201.13 - 239510.30
USS Wyoming
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant Junior Grade 239510.30 - Present USS Montreal
USS Montreal


  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Security
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Randy Miller
  • Stardates: 239201.13 - 239510.30


  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: Security/Tactical
  • Commanding Officer: Acting Captain, Commander Mei'konda
  • Stardates: 239510.31 - Present

Act I

  • Shortly after transferring to the USS Montreal, Shin and the crew received information about several recent Tholian attacks. These attacks led to the destruction of Astrofori One and two Federation ships. The USS Montreal and USS Veritas were ordered to search for a lost vessel, the USS Artemis. During this search, three Tholian ships cross their paths and a battle ensued. Thanks to some quick thinking by Ensign Esbrun Vardai, a modified tractor beam was used against the enemy and allowed the two ships defeated their attackers.
  • The engineering crew had to figure out how to deal with malfunctioning torpedoes and work with LTJG Shin and Second Class Crewman Astrid Brisk to repair the rear torpedo launcher. The rear launcher had been badly damaged and replacement parts were not available and therefore the system was rigged for manual loading and firing. During this period of attacks and repairs, Second Class Crewman Miskre Swenhart was severely injured by a falling torpedo and was saved by Lieutenant Anjar Thoran.

Act II

  • While searching for the USS Artemis, the crew received new orders from Captain Roshanara Rahman to go retrieve stolen secret equipment from a band of pirates. The Montreal crew came up with a plan to draw the pirates attention away from the ship by using holographic ships to distract them as an away team transported to the decaying planet the pirates had made base on.
  • The away team split in two, while one looked for prisoners the other looked for the equipment, but not after a battle in front of the entrance between the pirates and the away team. Muvyn Padix got caught in between and was KIA. She got transported to sickbay ASAP for hopeful revival and recovery.
  • The away teams received support from Lieutenant JR Kawakame Shin and Ensign Lieu Dante after their engagement with hostile pirates. Shin fired the ship's phaser's from orbit and intercepted a large team of pirates attempting to engage one of the away teams. Dante was able to successfully transport Muvyn Padix to sickbay for treatment.
  • The Away teams were eventually able to arrest the Klingon pirate Warvan and complete their mission.

Act I

With the Tholian threat looming, the Montreal is tasked with seeking out the help of the Klingons to even the odds. The Montreal receives word that a Klingon general is currently visiting Meridian, and the ship makes their way there in order to try to form an alliance with them. Meanwhile, also on Meridian, a mysterious sickness breaks out among the population. Shin accompanied the away team in this mission.

Act I

After a lengthy chase, the USS Montreal and her crew finally arrived at the planet in search of Lenik, a Vulcan extremist, and quickly learned that his whereabouts were somewhere in the Karakka system. As soon as the Norway Class Starship arrived, they were met with rigged weather surveillance satellites that had concealed antimatter bombs. Commander Tal Tel-ar was quick enough to spot the first and fired upon it with the ship’s defense system as he alerted the crew to brace for impact. Only a handful of officers suffered minor injuries as they proceeded towards Sickbay and had their injuries were treated by Doctor Solok, the chief medical officer, and a new medical doctor, an Elaysian Ensign named Sheila Bailey who replaced Beelam Grog after the previous month’s departure.

After a brief discussion between Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek and Commander Mei'konda, it was advised that an away team be sent down to a deserted area where the remains of Lenik’s ship had crashed. The away team included Lieutenants Riley Delar, Kawakame Shin, and Stennin, Ensign Miko Sirk, and Crewmen Astrim Dito and Muvyn Padix. Once they got together in the Shuttlebay and after a rocky flight dodging large Federation freighters with the expert skills of the First Officer at the helm, they landed on the planet.

Meanwhile, aboard the Montreal, persons in Sickbay and Engineering were noticing something rather strange as a form of disgusting slim started to seep within the ship’s floors and walls. Much to Ensign Bailey’s dismay, she fell on the slippery surface while Lieutenant Jacob Harkrow and Ensign Sotak went to investigate where it was coming from. They managed to find the source of the problem in a Jeffries tube where they found a sentient life form that was seeking medical help. The plant-like slime creature came into contact with Lieutenant Junior Grade Leona Pierce leaving a sticky residue behind on her clothing that was deemed unharmful upon medical scan.

As the bridge crew was trying to set up sensors to determine where Lenik was hiding, the away teams were startled to learn that Lt. Commander Lael Rosek was kidnapped by Colonel Rilaw, a co-conspirator of the Vulcan extremist. Shin felt responsible for this as he did not protest the Lt. Commander's order to split up. Soon after Lenik and Rilaw made themselves known and the Montreal intercepted them which they were now on a hijacked freighter, German was doing his best to remain calm on the bridge and work the sensors to determine where the First Officer was. Lenik had given an hour ultimatum to Commander Mei'konda before that if they weren't able to give him what he wants, he would attack the Federation starship.

Soon the away team came back aboard the ship having left the planet in haste.

Act II

Soon the crew was trying to determine why their shields were malfunctioning, Lenik saw the fluctuations as well and fired upon the Montreal. With the threat of Karakka's destruction and Lenik now boarding the starship with his crew, Mei'konda was given no other choice, but to abandon the ship and set the auto-destruct to 10 minutes. With Lenik now on board and a team sent to go find him that had gone to engineering, the entire crew went to evacuate in their own separate ways.

Lieutenants Riley and Shin tracked down Lenik and they quickly found out that he was trying to download Federation data. With no minutes to spare a firefight erupted. Shin used the opportunity to overload a phaser and destroy the computer terminal and Leniks equipment. Shin took Lenik on in hand to hand combat and in the end, was able to kill the extremist with Borq's D'k tahg (Klingon dagger). Seconds later they were beamed aboard the Alliance shuttlecraft, manned by Lieutenant Harkrow while Galven, Mei'konda, and a few others were beamed to a nearby Klingon ship. With twenty seconds to go Harkrow initialized the ships shields -which had been jury-rigged by Leona Pierce- and the ships self-destruct sequence finalized.