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2nd Class Pettey Officer Astrid Brisk


Full Name: Astrid Brisk
Current Posting: Supply Officer/Quartermaster
Current Assignment: USS Veritas
Species: Orion, Vulcan, Leyron
Telepathic Status: T0/E0
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5’10
Weight: 137 lbs
Build: General, Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Medium-Long
Eye Color: Hazel
Place of Birth: Starbase 32
Marital Status: Single

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Professional History

Astrid Brisk was a personal security officer and bodyguard for low ranking officials and diplomats. After a few years of repetition in this line of work, she chose to leave and join Starfleet. She served as security on a small space station for a term and was then offered a security position on the USS Montreal. She accepted the offer and was advanced to the rank crewman second class upon reassignment.

Astrid later served for a brief time on the USS Astraeus before transferring to the USS Veritas to serve as the ship's Supply Officer/Quartermaster.

Personal History

Astrid Brisk was born of a half Orion half Leyron mother and a Vulcan father. Her mother used her pheromones to seduce her father during his Pon farr in an attempt to force him into a relationship. As a result of this deceitful union, Astrid's father left them and refuses to acknowledge their existence, and her mother was left with no way to take care of her newborn child. Astrid was placed in adoption at the age of three and was later was adopted out to a Human family on Earth at the age of ten.

She was raised well and was a good daughter and student in her new life with her adopted parents. When she turned eighteen she got a job as a security guard at a fancy club, which soon led her to her job as a personal security officer and bodyguard for low ranking officials and diplomats.



  • Parents:
    • Father (Genetic): Sal're
    • Father (Adopted): Frank Brisk
    • Mother (Genetic): Revunda Hugra
    • Mother (Adopted): Pamella Brisk
  • Siblings
    • None
  • Spouse
    • None
  • Children
    • None


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Since her youth, Astrid has adopted an optimistic and relaxed outlook on life. She's extremely smart, beautiful, and her determined and strong personality makes her hard to impress. A strong sense of duty defines Astrid to the core. She will always do what must be done without regard for herself.

Physical Description

  • Build
    • General/Athletic
  • Height
    • 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight
    • 137 pounds

Habit's and Abilities


  • When Astrid experiences her time of "heat" she is prone to flirting and attempting to seduce men and women she views as strong.


  • Orion Pheromones: Astrid's unique genetic make-up causes a period of time that lasts about a week in which she experiences a sort of "heat" or "Pon farr". During this time the effectiveness and control with her pheromones are at its strongest. Unlike a full blood Orion woman, however, her pheromones are only effective in very close proximity, preferably through contact, and their effects are far less influential than those of a full-blooded Orion as well.
    • Males of most species will suffer lightly from accelerated metabolisms and raised adrenaline production, they may also be mildly susceptible to suggestion. Unlike a full-blooded Orion, the pheromone's effect is not cumulative and lasts only while exposed and often fades within minutes when exposure ends.
    • The intense emotions and primal urges that have the potential to kill the Vulcan's in Pon farr are not as strong or dangerous in the period of "heat" Astrid experiences. She is susceptible to drastic mood swings until her urges are satisfied though.
  • Astird's relative Strength is greater than her Vulcan, Orion, and Leyron counterparts due to her genetic make-up.


As a Youth

  • During her time in the orphanage, Astrid was a bit of a bully. She found that by being the bully she could prevent herself from being bullied.
  • In her teenage years with her adopted parents Astrid flourished and became known as a strong and helpful girl.

As an Adult

  • As a young adult Astrid gained a reputation for being a hardcore woman. She would not take flak from anyone and she held to her duties with unshakable resolve.
  • After she joined Starfleet there was a marked increase in her attitude. She gained a more positive outlook and grew to be a more playful person.

Notes, and Trivia

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